More revenue from the same floor space thanks to multi-functional usage

by | 14 Apr 2020 | Products

HAWA Concepta in the breakfast area – MotelOne, Cologne. (Photo: Sebastian Hopp)

When properly equipped, a hotel breakfast room can be used profitably almost around the clock. Thanks to furniture with pivot or fold and slide-in systems, breakfast equipment disappears in no time at all and the space can be rented out as a conference room, meeting room or co-working space.

All hotel guests appreciate a good breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere. A spacious room offers guests comfort and makes sure that they can help themselves to the buffet without having to wait. With the right equipment, the breakfast area does not remain unused for the rest of the day, but can be flexibly converted and profitably rented out as a conference room, meeting room or co-working space. To ensure that the room can be quickly converted from one function to another, it must be possible for the facilities for the breakfast buffet as well as any surplus tables and chairs to be stowed away invisibly with very little effort. Specially developed built-in furniture with swivel or folding retractable fittings make this possible in no time at all. Large scope for design The hardware from the HAWA Concepta family by Hawa Sliding Solutions is the perfect solution. It offers endless combinations and makes it possible for whole areas, such as breakfast buffets, to disappear or reappear in just a few hand movements. The fittings run smoothly and quietly, even on large doors. Thanks to the patented technology, the pivot or fold and slide-in doors can be stored laterally in furniture or wall niches to save space when open – with no need for disruptive floor guides. When closed, the doors fit flush with the surface. Openings with four door leaves up to a total width of 2.8 meters and a height of 2.6 meters can be realized without any problems, and are suitable for room-high solutions as well as walk-in cupboards. Thanks to the flexible door dimensions, there is plenty of scope for design, while the black anodized profiles ensure the elegant integration of the fittings. Whatever its current purpose – be it for breakfast, a conference, a meeting, a birthday party or as a co-working space – the multi-functional area always remains attractive.


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