Meliá Hotels International deepens its digital leadership with Zafiro by Entertainment Solutions

by | 07 Mar 2022 | Products

Entertainment Solutions contributes to improving the guest experience though the TV at Meliá Hotels International.

Meliá Hotels International, a world leader in the vacational sector characterised by its quality service and welcoming atmosphere, goes one step further in the guest experience. The hotel group has taken advantage of digital innovation to not only transform internal processes, but also the customer experience throughout the guest journey.

“For Meliá Hotels International, it is key to be able to adapt and personalise the experience for each of our clients. For this reason, it is essential to create the environment and transmit the values of each of our brands. Zafiro ecosystem has allowed us to configure the platform based on the needs of each brand, the modularity of the system is a key factor when it comes to achieving it and, specifically, with Zafiro Cast, we have elevated the experience of our customers, allowing them to enjoy their own audiovisual content in a simple and secure way in our hotels,” says Tomeu Fiol Meliá, global hotel tech director, Meliá Hotels International.

Among his multiple technological projects is the vision of a room with a totally personalised environment by the customer’s will, including the television content that they can enjoy throughout their stay. For this reason, the company has long trusted in the interactive solutions of Zafiro by ES that allow the guest to decide what to see and when to do it.

More than 3,500 rooms and 20 establishments already have Zafiro Cast cloud, the solution that allows guests to enjoy their own content while travelling. The rise of streaming content has favoured the adaptation to the hotel environment of these solutions that were considered just to enjoy at home, such as those based on Google Chromecast technology. Security and privacy also accompany the guest during their stay through the Amazon Web Services security protocols and the automatic deletion of their data once they have checked out.

Being aware of the importance of offering its guests the technological comforts that they already enjoy in their day-to-day activities, Meliá Hotels International has opted for the implementation of Zafiro Cast Cloud in its different brands and locations. In fact, since 2018, all the technological projects carried out in collaboration with Zafiro have the Cast solution.

Zafiro Cast, which adapts to the particularities of the hotel environment, allows guests to simply and safely enjoy their own content on the TV in the room. But, in addition, Zafiro Cast makes it possible for the hotel group to offer the service through a personalised interface adapted to the look and feel of its different brands.

Thanks to the new architecture of the solution, all corporate management is centralised in a single location in a natural and friendly way. The interaction breaks down physical barriers, allowing the chain to provide care and services to its users anywhere, before, during and after the stay.

The solution has had a very positive reception among clients, being used in some hotels 100% of the days, and reaching more than 20 hours of daily casting. On the other hand, confirming the trend, the most-used applications in all hotels have been Netflix and YouTube.

At Meliá Hotels International, TV has gone from being one more element in the room to becoming another key resource in the experience. With the focus on a complete personalisation of the experience, the company has not only opted for Zafiro Cast, but also for the implementation of Zafiro TV, an interactive platform for access to entertainment, information and personalised services.

This solution allows the guest to comfortably interact with the different hotel services, providing a contactless experience that also contributes to achieving the group’s paperless objective and, therefore, goes one step further in terms of sustainability.



Zafiro is a modular and flexible ecosystem under a pure cloud architecture, which gets adapted to the needs of customers, offering cutting-edge infrastructures of in-room entertainment IPTV and digital signage.