Mediterranean luxury at the very top of Santorini: VALLONE® is now part of the new boutique hotel “Santorini Heights”

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Boutique Hotel, Suppliers

Santorini – A crystal-blue dream at the feet of the world-famous white houses in the midst of the Aegean Sea. For their new exclusive boutique hotel “Santorini Heights” the owner selected the freestanding bathtub IAO by VALLONE® as well as a selection of brand-new tap collection COMO by VALLONE®. The modern bathroom objects have found a place in the probably most elegant mansion of the luxury hotel Santorini Heights: The Summit Villa. Over 480 meters the 100 square meter large suite extends on top of the highest point of Santorini with a unique view on the infinite vastness of the Aegean Sea and legendary sunset of the Cycladic island.

Becoming one with the UNESCO-protected landscape

The owner of Santorini Heights put special focus on building the Summit Villa out of mable, stone, wood and polished concrete to blend in with the natural landscape of the UNESCO-protected area. The VALLONE® team can certainly identify with this closeness to nature and that is why the brand’s contract team was thrilled to position the bathtubs from natural mineral cast and the taps from pure stainless steel within such a wellness area.

A feeling of home in the midst of the Aegean Sea

The Summit Villa offers next to a spacious living room, kitchen, elegant bedroom and two bathrooms also a 100 square meter large terrace with heated jacuzzi, fire place, dining area and wood-deck sun beds. The owner of this villa seek to convey a certain „home-away-from-home“ feeling to their guests. The bath area with our exclusive VALLONE® products form the center of spoiling and relaxing moments.

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