Luxury hotel in Maldives looks to hire turtle-tending intern

by | Jul 6, 2019 | News

Havens of relaxation: Maldives’ pristine blue waters and secluded beach resorts

When this intern is not tending turtles, they will receive flights, accommodations in a villa, and dolphin-watching.

There’s nothing glamorous about most internships, but most internships do not involve tending to turtles for a luxury hotel in the sunny paradise of the Maldives.

Most internships (especially in journalism, let me tell you) involve doing the grunt work the company doesn’t have the staff to do. 

Most interns work for little or nothing while trying their hardest to prove themselves and be useful, lest a job open years from now and the company tap them for their services. 

A luxury hotel in the Maldives, however, has a different kind of internship to offer for the young and eager this year, and it comes with a long and enticing list of perks.

The internship

Simply put, a luxury hotel in the Maldives is looking for an intern to work in its Marine Turtle Rescue Centre. 

The duration of this internship is brief—just two quick weeks in August—and the actual work part of it largely involves looking after the turtles.

Other responsibilities include creating content for Instagram and learning directly from on-staff veterinary experts. Those last two items are certain to look great on any resume. 

Social media content creation is as in demand as ever. In addition, there is just no downside to working closely with world=class marine biologists and vets, the type that tend to turtles in such a luxury hotel. 

And as if those professional benefits weren’t enough, the gig comes with some substantial perks from the host hotel, the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort.

The enviable perks

While the internship is not paid, the intern will have their flights, hotel accommodations (in a villa, no less), and all food covered. 

The total cost of all that is quite valuable. Essentially, the internship is not officially paid, but whoever is selected for it will have a very nice trip to the Maldives with all major expenses paid. 

All they’ll have to do in exchange is tend to the turtles, which involves feeding them, cleaning their tanks, observing medical procedures and helping with rescue collection missions if need be. 

The accommodations are far more than the basic staff quarters, but rather in a villa on the beach or over the sea and surrounded entirely by stunning turquoise waters. 

The intern will get to enjoy every meal at the Coco Palm’s Cowrie restaurant, which boasts a full buffet of Maldivian cuisine for guests three times a day. 

The only question left is where can we sign up?

Oh right, here it is, on the Coco Collection website. Entries will stay open until July 1.



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