Loewe iconic: The TV made of stone

With the Loewe iconic, an excellent TV set and a high-tech soundbar merge into an unique, impressively sculptural design.

An unprecedented combination of TV and Dolby Virtual Atmos soundbar in one setup solution, which, in addition to excellent TV and audio technology Made in Germany, is particularly impressive due to its unique design:

The Loewe iconic sets strong accents and new standards for luxury-class home entertainment with its sculptural, coherent design language. With the new TV Loewe iconic, you transform your living room into an artistic, gallery-like living space.

Far more than an ordinary television, anything but standard: the Loewe iconic TV audio setup solution, developed with great attention to detail in the German design forge at Loewe headquarters and manufactured according to traditional German engineering, impresses with its unique, sculptural design. Thanks to its sweeping, elegant design language with the 360-degree design typical of Loewe, Loewe iconic refines and perfects your living room as a central room element into an artistic and gallery-like living space.

Everything but ordinary.
The TV made of stone.

Made of Syno-Stone, a stone-like, durable solid surface material with a non-porous surface, the television and soundbar merge into a technology and design icon that is deliberately inspired by sculptural modern art. Syno-Stone is a solid mineral material that is durable and extremely hygienic thanks to its non-porous surface. Smooth, robust and solid, Syno-Stone is perfect for supporting a TV set and soundbar with ease. Crafted with expert craftsmanship, the interior material is ready to outlast short-lived design trends as well as the ravages of time. This is because the combination of the elaborate manufacturing process and high-quality Syno-Stone ensures the highest quality of each carefully crafted individual piece. At the same time, the elaborate manufacturing process limits the Loewe iconic to a small number of pieces – ideal for lovers of something special.

Available in the exclusive Graphite Grey colour variant, Loewe iconic impresses with its sweeping and elegant design language. Discover an absolutely trend-setting design classic from the Loewe manufactory at its headquarters in Germany.

State-of-the-art TV technology.
Picture quality made in Germany.

Anything but standard: the impressive symbiosis of extraordinary design and state-of-the-art TV and audio technology make the Loewe iconic the perfect solution for excellent viewing and listening experiences in any upscale living environment. The timeless design icon is available in the chassis version SL5 for a classic and SL7 for a smart TV experience, and with the highest-quality and latest generation of OLED displays in 55”and 65” sizes. The powerful sound bar with integrated subwoofers is attractively and discreetly integrated behind a high-quality panel made of acoustic fabric. Thanks to precisely calibrated colours and tones from the factory, you enjoy artfully arranged TV and audio quality and thus an ultra-realistic picture and immersive sound experience.

More information can be found at loewe.tv.