Loewe bild c: Compact without compromises

The 43" TV with Edge LED panel UHD or 32” TV with Edge LED panel full HD combines maximum functionality in a compact format and offers smart TV with the best picture and audio quality.

Maximum functionality in a compact housing: thanks to versatile, technically perfected features, the Loewe bild c presents itself as a space-saving smart TV. The 43″ Edge LED panel, the Smart TV platform, the 4K UHD resolution and the HDR picture processing with Dolby Vision™, and much more, ensure first-class picture quality. Experience smart TV of the most convenient kind in the blink of an eye. In seconds, you can use the Loewe bild c to access streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, YouTube or even media libraries directly. Enjoy perfectly balanced images and colours set with the highest precision thanks to the high-quality LED display. The uncompromising TV equipment package is complemented by the integrated stereo soundbar, which fills the room with absolute listening pleasure. With its discreet size and minimalist design, this compact TV model blends seamlessly into any upscale interior and fits perfectly into smaller rooms such as bedrooms.

Unlimited entertainment

TV, video-on-demand, media libraries, music, Internet, streaming services: thanks to the Loewe os7 smart TV platform and the integrated App Store, the Loewe bild c offers a limitless variety of entertainment and information that can be conveniently controlled at lightning speed using the remote control.

Authentic TV experience

Picture and colour reproduction with vivid naturalness: the latest generation Edge LED panel with direct LED backlighting ensures maximum brilliance in the Loewe bild c, so that even the smallest and finest details are clearly visible and appear absolutely realistic.

A sharp, balanced picture display, realistic contrasts, smooth transitions: due to full HD resolution with contrast-enhancing HDR Technology, the compact 32″ display provides the best TV entertainment, especially in smaller rooms, as if you were right in the middle of the action.

The integrated soundbar with front-firing speakers, closed bass reflex box and a total music output of 60 watts providing excellent speech intelligibility and a rousing three-dimensional soundscape in any room.

Perfect for smaller rooms

Thanks to its compact display format and versatile installation solutions, the space-saving Loewe bild c scores with an eye-pleasing entertainment experience, especially in smaller rooms. Its discreet, elegant appearance sets pleasant accents for a cosy feel-good room atmosphere.

Choose between several setup solutions including table stand, floor stands or wall mount to place your Loewe bild c in every room as easy as a breeze.



Founded in 1923, Loewe has developed into a traditional company operating worldwide in the luxury segment and has played a decisive role in shaping the consumer electronics industry for decades with milestones in design, technology and innovation.