Loewe bild i: Modern all-rounder for smart entertainment.

Smart, magical entertainment: the modern UHD 4K OLED all-rounder. Maximum convenience is ensured by the smart TV platform, DR+ and the flexible sound system.

Ready for Smart TV with an ultra-high resolution 4K OLED display with 48″, 55″ or 65″ screen: the Loewe bild i is our modern all-rounder for the best entertainment via the Internet. Whether watching TV, using video-on-demand, browsing media libraries, listening to music, surfing the Internet or accessing online streaming services – your entertainment programme can be conveniently controlled via the Smart TV platform or by voice command. Manufactured in Germany and equipped with innovative HDR technology (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision), a voluminous, flexible sound system and integrated DR+ hard drive, the Loewe bild i impresses with an unmistakable symbiosis of tradition and modernity combined with the highest quality. The Loewe multi-talent presents itself as a stylish, minimalist design statement and at the same time offers a magical picture and sound experience.



Boundless entertainment.

TV, video-on-demand, media libraries, music, Internet, streaming services: Thanks to the Loewe os7 smart TV platform and the integrated app store, the Loewe bild i offers a limitless variety of entertainment. Whether watching television, using video-on-demand, browsing media libraries, listening to music, surfing the Internet or accessing online streaming services – your entertainment program can be conveniently controlled via the smart TV platform or by voice command. Content from streaming services or media libraries are viewed via stylish yet tidy display on the home screen. This allows you to see at a glance what the smart TV offers and to control all important functions intuitively – without long waiting and loading times.

Your home cinema starts in just four seconds and if you want to start the blockbuster immediately, you can use the direct buttons on the remote control, with which you can control the most important streaming services. Or you can simply use the voice control: with the microphone built into the remote control, Alexa follows every instruction in a flash via the activation button.

As vivid as real life.

The 4K OLED Display with its rich, deepest OLED black based on self-illuminating pixels guarantees breath-taking contrasts and enormous picture depths: experience thrillers, football highlights or nature reports as authentically and realistically as never before. The result: an excellent richness of detail and outstanding colour fidelity. Thanks to the pre-calibrated cinema mode, no time-consuming adjustment of the colours is necessary. The Loewe smart TV is manufactured in our factory at our headquarters in Germany with great attention to detail and the utmost care, the OLED fine-tuning is carried out by hand in a complex process. Each individual screen is precisely adjusted to the perfect colours with unique precision. Additionally the Loewe smart TV ensures endless fascinatingly powerful moments due to HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision™.

With flexible sound solutions

In addition to the integrated “Loewe invisible sound” speakers, the smart TV all-rounder can be expanded with the Loewe klang bar i or the 5.1.2. Dolby Atmos Loewe klang bar5 mr, the Loewe klang sub5 subwoofer and the Loewe klang mr1 speakers to create the ultimate multi-channel sound system.



Founded in 1923, Loewe has developed into a traditional company operating worldwide in the luxury segment and has played a decisive role in shaping the consumer electronics industry for decades with milestones in design, technology and innovation.