Loewe bild v: Timeless classic for highest demands

Precision work Made in Germany: UHD 4K OLED TV with precise colour adjustment, stereo soundbar, dr+ and two-channel system.

Timeless classic for highest demands

Precision work Made in Germany: manufactured on a high-tech production line at our German headquarters, the ultra-high-resolution 4K OLED Loewe bild v is already calibrated at the factory, so you enjoy excellent picture quality from the moment you switch it on. This timeless classic impresses with a sophisticated picture and sound experience thanks to the latest HDR technology (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision), integrated stereo soundbar and 55″ or 65″ screen. Absolutely convenient and quick to operate, the Loewe bild v scores with its extensive technology equipment – including a 1 terabyte DR+ hard drive, dual tuner for all reception modes and the two-channel system. Thanks to the highest quality of workmanship and Loewe’s typical minimalist design, experience a thrilling home cinema that fits perfectly into any upscale living environment. The purist, minimalist design of the Loewe bild v blends elegantly into any high-quality living ambience. The connections and cables are cleverly concealed, allowing its timeless design to fully unfold its impressive effect.


As vivid as real life.

The 4K OLED Display with its rich, deepest OLED black based on self-illuminating pixels guarantees breath-taking contrasts and enormous picture depths: experience thrillers, football highlights or nature reports as authentically and realistically as never before. The dark night scene in a thriller appears razor-sharp without any disturbing grey film, the rapid movements of the football players are velvety smooth and nature’s spectacle is shown with sharpest contrasts and brilliant, natural colours. The result: an excellent richness of detail and outstanding colour fidelity. Nothing just flits by, nothing is outshone from the very first moment you switch it on. Because with the Loewe bild v, thanks to the pre-calibrated cinema mode, no time-consuming adjustment of the colours is necessary. The Loewe classic is manufactured in our factory at our headquarters in Germany with great attention to detail and the utmost care. The OLED fine-tuning is carried out by hand in a complex process. Each individual screen is precisely adjusted to display perfect colours with unique precision – adapted to European viewing habits and the illumination ambience of the living room.

Sounds good and feels right.

The Mimi Sound Personalization™ software contributes to an excellent sound experience with healthy listening pleasure. It allows you to adapt the Loewe TV to your individual hearing ability: Perform a hearing test, obtain an individual audio profile and the software will tailor the sound accordingly.

The V-shaped stereo soundbar is attached to the TV’s screen. It is equipped with a closed bass reflex box and six drivers to deliver a natural audio experience with impressive, room-filling sound and excellent speech intelligibility even in larger rooms.



Founded in 1923, Loewe has developed into a traditional company operating worldwide in the luxury segment and has played a decisive role in shaping the consumer electronics industry for decades with milestones in design, technology and innovation.