livecookintable®: Sustainability is in our DNA

At MEC2 livecookintable®, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation while committing to sustainable solutions.

livecookintable®: Sustainability is in our DNA

by | 03 Aug 2022 | Products

At MEC2 livecookintable®, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation while committing to sustainable solutions.

We create luxury, smartly designed, sustainably sourced, and energy-efficient F&B solutions for many industries, from hotels to sporting arenas, teaching kitchens, cruise lines, and many more. Our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably plays in as one of our core values.

People often ask, “Why is sustainability so important to your company?” the answer is simple; In our eyes, the future of hospitality goes hand in hand with the future of our planet. At livecookintable® we believe that world-class manufacturing begins with respect for people and the environment, which is why we place so much emphasis on sustainability.

Our modular buffet equipment, THE BAUKASTEN, is German designed and made. It’s the most durable and efficient professional equipment on the market. We use recycled material, and our products feature anti-bacterial surfaces. We’re particularly proud of our flexibility to adapt our product to any idea or expectation that different customers or brands aspire to. 

We use laminate made from 65% paper with a high recycling share and 35% water-based resins making it the most environmentally friendly laminate on the market. Our glass manufacturer has set new sustainability standards in the glass industry which will make them the first climate-neutral glass manufacturer by 2030. We use vegan leather that is no longer made synthetically but from natural and renewable raw materials, including cotton and eucalyptus fibers.

Our equipment allows amazing ROI with tables that last 10+ years. This requires less manufacturing, shipping, and in turn less environmental impact. Also, the system has been known to reduce food waste by up to 35% with some Fortune 500 companies winning awards for food waste reduction.

We also aim to be part of the hospitality industry’s energy solution with our mobile battery cart. We only use upcycled batteries from electric cars, giving them a second productive life. The modular and mobile system combines efficient, clean, and sustainable energy storage. In terms of capacity, mobility, and reliability, our battery cart is a game-changer as it allows customers to fully rely on renewable energy and become carbon neutral. 

We further believe in clean air and water, natural materials and resources, and fresh produce and food; and all these elements form a true luxury experience. Therefore, we conceptualize our equipment from an operational viewpoint and provide not only a product but a solution. For example, how does our equipment reduce food waste and drive ROI? We not only think about the longevity of our product, but also the following live circles and how to recycle our materials leaving no waste for future generations. 

We believe that food is the most primitive form of comfort. We inspire chefs to bring back the fundamental importance of it. By embracing creativity, innovation, and sustainable practices in every product we design, we empower chefs and hospitality professionals to provide remarkable moments and unique dining experiences. We are proud of what we do and proud of being able to provide our clients with equipment that they are beyond satisfied with and is environmentally friendly.