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Distinctive Custom-etched Metal Surfaces.

Distinctive Custom-etched Metal Surfaces

Christian Heckscher (Lift Design Inc.) has creatively enhanced and produced decorative metal surfaces for the elevator doors of high-end hospitality and residential interior design projects for more than five decades.

Born and educated in Belgium, Mr. Heckscher marries old-world etching techniques with a contemporary vision to create unique modern metal surfaces that are rich in detail. His handmade work has a distinctive feel, texture, and sensuality unseen from any computerized or current mechanical process. The application and possibilities are unlimited.

Lift Design Inc. produces custom-made elevator door skins and transoms, entry doors, columns, murals, sculptural signs, accessories, and a collection of unique furniture for upscale realisations. Whether for a local boutique hotel or a substantial hotel project worldwide, Christian personally works with every client and each designer to create, produce, and deliver a product that captures the attention and admiration of discerning customers and stylish observers.

Lift Design’s work has added a unique and sophisticated feel to many public, corporate and private spaces. Contact us at [email protected] for an initial consultation. Let’s pursue the journey together.

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Lift Design specialises in the distinctive detailing of functional decors such as elevator doors, entrance doors and murals, including walls, columns and ceilings.

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