Precious Metals

by | 23 Nov 2022 | Products

Precious Metals: The work of Lift Design Inc. and Christian Heckscher

Guided by his love for art and metal, since 1971, artist and craftsman Christian Heckscher has created and produced numerous patterns translated on etched metal surfaces. 

He explored the marriage of the old technique of etching on metal for over half a century with modern graphic inspiration on entry doors, elevator doors, and furniture.

Guided by his love of nature, particularly the sea, he interprets natural movements, shapes, and energies in an astonishing array of patterns and finishes.

He is known for collaborating with significant hospitality and residential designers worldwide by focusing on custom-made products that give unique results, bringing yet another level of uniqueness to the project.

Grand hotels such as Peninsula, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Rosewood, and Park Hyatt have commissioned countless custom-etched elevator doors and murals for their luxurious premises.

We create art for architectural details in collaboration with designers to distinguish clients.

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