Plumes - The latest addition to the C. Heckscher collection.


by | 26 Oct 2022 | Products

The latest addition to the C.Heckscher collection.

Plumes: the latest addition to the C.Heckscher collection

Stunningly beautiful in shape, color, and gravity-defying design, plumes captivate us. Throughout the ages, they symbolize a connection to the spiritual realms across many cultures. Native Americans consider plumes to be gifts from the sky.

The delicate form of plumes inspired the design of this petite table. It is made for those who appreciate the trio of form, function, and artistic creation. Sturdy and balanced in build, the Plumes table accommodates drinks and small plates.

Like in most of our creations, this addition confirms our passion for the aesthetic marriage of nature and functional art with an edge of spirituality.

Each piece is skillfully handmade by the artist and his team of talented artisans.

Dedicated to the timeless beauty and quality in our creations and production for more than half a century, we never stop exploring the world of new forms and ideas,