LG releases four new Hospitality Television series!

by | 17 Mar 2020 | Products

Pro:Centric Smart Displays differentiate and manage your hotels with their advanced solutions.

From cost-effective solutions to Smart televisions, LG’s new hospitality television series has got you covered. With the help of #KniTecKnows tips, discover which television best meets the needs of your upcoming project.

Introducing the UT340H and UT347H Series: The Newest in LG’s Non-Pro:Idiom Commercial Grade Televisions

The UT340H and UT347H Commercial Grade 4K UHD TV Series is the newest in LG’s 340H Series. The UT340H utilizes 4K UHD Direct LED and the UT347H utilizes NanoCell™ technology; hotel guests will notice greater color accuracy at wide viewing angles and a thinner, sleeker television.

The UT340H and UT347H Series are most often used in Marriott GRE environments with an LG Set-Top Box (currently an STB-5500) and in commercial settings where Pro:Idiom is not required. The UT340H and UT347H are commercial-grade displays, which allows operators to take advantage of a 2-year factory warranty in a commercial environment.

This series is a cost-effective solution from LG that provides a balance of home-like amenities for guests as well as control and security for hotel operators by incorporating Public Display Mode, Hotel Mode, Lock Mode, and a Welcome Screen.

#KniTecKnows Translation:

You need this TV Series if:

1.You are utilizing Marriott’s GRE Solution

2.Your content provider informed you that you do not need Pro:Idiom

Introducing the UT567H Series: The Newest in LG’s Pro:Idiom Hospitality Grade Televisions

The UT567H Series is the 4K UHD version of its 1080p predecessor, the 560H Series. The UT567H boasts LG’s NanoCell™ technology for dynamic 4K UHD resolution at wide viewing angles, all in a slim profile TV with a remarkably narrow bezel. This series features Pro:Idiom to support the encrypted delivery of video content from your headend to your guest room TV sets.

The UT567H Series supports Pro:Centric and Pro:Centric Direct (when paired with a Pro:Centric Server), which offers customizable tools to allow for the creation of unique, in-room entertainment experiences.* And with the new Instant On feature, guests will have immediate access to the menu system the moment they turn on their television.

Some of the key features of the UT567H Series include Pro:Idiom, Pro:Centric and Pro:Centric Direct, 4K Upscaler, 4K Resolution, Instant On and LG Nanocell™ Technology.

*#KniTecKnows Tip: If you’d like to take full advantage of the UT567H’s features, KniTec’s installation crew can install your Pro:Centric Server, and KniTec’s in-house designers can help you create your customized menu system.

#KniTecKnows Translation:

You need this TV Series if:

1.Your content provider informed you that you need Pro:Idiom

2.You don’t have SONIFI or plan on utilizing SONIFI in the future

Introducing the UT570H and UT577H Series: The Newest in LG’s Pro:Idiom with b-LAN Hospitality Grade Televisions

The UT570H and UT577H Hospitality Grade 4K UHD TV Series is the newest in LG’s 570H Series and represent the Hospitality Industry’s movement away from 1080p and toward 4K UHD, which follows the trends in the consumer market. The UT570H utilizes 4K Direct LED/Trident 4K and the UT577H utilizes NanoCell™ technology to provide your guests with the most brilliant picture in an incredibly slim profile.

The UT570H and UT577H Series features Pro:Idiom, an encryption technology utilized in hospitality environments that allows content to be distributed from your headend to your guest rooms securely, and b-LAN, an embedded technology that allows your guest room TVs to communicate with a SONIFI Server over an RF coaxial infrastructure.

Key features of the UT570H and UT577H include: Pro:Idiom, Embedded b-LAN, Pro:Centric and Pro:Centric Direct, Instant On, and 4K Upscaler.

#KniTecKnows Translation:

You need this TV Series if:

1.Your content provider has informed you that you need Pro:Idiom

2.You are utilizing a SONIFI Solution

Introducing the UT670H and UT770H Series: The Newest in LG Smart Hospitality Grade Televisions

Operators with an IP infrastructure who are looking to provide their hotel guest with the premium television experience should consider the UT670H and UT770H – the newest in LG Smart Hospitality Grade Televisions. The UT670H utilizes 4K Direct LED and the UT770H utilizes LG’s NanoCell™ technology, which produces a stunning picture and allows for a sleeker television.

Both the UT670H and UT770H Series are equipped with SoftAP — a virtual Wi-Fi feature that uses software to create a wireless hotspot, as well as b-LAN — an embedded broadband local area network which allows the television to connect to a SONIFI Server.

The LG UT670H and UT770H feature Pro:Idiom, Pro:Centric Smart, Embedded b-LAN, Instant On as well as pre-loaded apps and voice recognition.

#KniTecKnows Translation:

You need this TV Series if:

1.Your content provider has informed you that you need Pro:Idiom

2.You have an IP Infrastructure

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