Klein Extendo telescopic sliding system: Now also in black finish and new additional swing door accessory

by | 12 Jul 2021 | Products

Beautiful matte black profile for Extendo telescopic sliding system with additional swing door passageway

An increased range of interior design possibilities and a new accessory for additional Swing Door passageway.

Once again, Klein’s expertise, with more innovation and design, just for you

Extendo, our excellent telescopic and synchronous sliding door system featured in thousands of projects around the world, returns in an optimised version, with more customisation options and an easier installation process.

It is a system of telescopic-synchronous glass architectural walls that allows you to create large architectural openings with passageways of up to 16.5 ft with a single movement.

The secret? You can open the two-, three- or four-panel glass partitions by moving a single panel.

Extendo is a well-established Klein system that we have refined even further to maximise the experience of using and installing it, with smoother add-ons and the option to change the position of the doors onsite.

We have also incorporated the option of anodised profiles in a matte black finish to increase the range of interior design possibilities. Check out the characteristics of the revamped Extendo.

Extendo is not only a dividing system, but a way to maximise openings in order to facilitate circulation and integrate this into the architectural environment. It’s a way to give spaces the opportunity to divide without visually separating them, while simultaneously allowing you to adapt the area to the needs of its users.

Ideal for conference rooms, Extendo now supports a new accessory: the Kit Swing Door, a swing door add-on with self-closing technology, which complements Klein Extendo, Rollglass+ and Panoramic glass sliding partitions to create additional passage areas and provide a new way of thinking about spaces. Check out the new Kit Swing Door, compatible with Extendo, Rollglass+ and Panoramic.

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  • Beautiful matte black profile for Extendo telescopic sliding system with additional swing door passageway
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