Keep pastry & snacks warm at the breakfast buffet

by | 12 Jun 2020 | Products

The InductPlate System based on induction technology keeps dry foods warm without any inductive dish

Imagine a breakfast buffet counter that is able to keep warm delicious snacks and pastry like croissants, little cheese tarts or pain-au-chocolat in an appealing and energy-efficient way. Here is the solution based on induction technology.

Crispy croissants and delicious snacks taste best when they are warm. They also have to be a feast for the eyes. The unique InductPlate keeps snacks warm in an efficient and appealing way. Highlight: This system works completely without any inductive dish. Dry food can be placed directly on the surface of the counter, which can be made from glass or artificial stone, for example.

The InductPlate System includes an induction unit InductWarm® 130+ and a special InductPlate layer. Both parts of the system are mounted invisibly underneath the counter’s surface. The system is warming up the countertop in a temperature range between 40° C and 80° C. You can chose between four power levels to adjust the right temperature for every kind of dry food.

The area that is warmed up by the system has a size of approx. 40 x 40 cm. According to the counter’s size several InductPlate systems can be installed and up to 16 induction units can be linked with each other. With the external control panel or the optional infrared remote control, you can operate each single unit or even the whole network with just one click.

You benefit from the excellent energy efficiency of the system that saves up to 90 % of energy compared to other electrical warming devices.

Key Facts:

  • System that keeps warm dry food placed directly on the counter top – without any inductive dish
  • Installation underneath counter tops made from glass or artificial stone
  • Modular system: custom-build with arranging several devices and a custom-made full-length surface possible
  • Four power levels to adjust the right temperature for each kind of dry food
  • Optional InductWarm® remote control and external control unit

Get more information about the InductPlate System on the Gastros website.


With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.