“Itsumo” design Naoto Fukasawa

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Suppliers

The characteristic of this family of cutlery is its outline, which at first glance seems soft and impeccable, whereas a closer look reveals a discrete obtuse angle in the detailing. Applying such a detail to the form provokes a haptic feedback that allows us to recognise the sides of the cutlery whether held in the hand, rolled around on the tongue or simply when they touch one’s lips. Its name, “ITSUMO,” is a Japanese word that implies a notion for things that always stay with you. – Naoto Fukasawa

Alessi’s flatware production started as early as the 1920s with sophisticated and curious utensils. Since then the offering has expanded to become one of the vastest collections of designer cutlery.

After the first model – “Dry” designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1982 – many later contributions by big designers and international architects joined the catalogue. For the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa conceives “Itsumo”, a cutlery set with a great look and a small price at the same time. The creator’s love for the beauty of simple things, done well, universal and evolutionary within everyday life, translates into a project dedicated to all those searching for daily happiness. The shaped profiles of each piece of cutlery ensures a pleasant sensation both in gripping the objects and in contact with the lips.

The cutlery set “Itsumo” is composed of eleven different pieces, including those for the table and the serving. “The designer’s love for the beauty of simple things that are well made, universal and evolve from day-to-day life, has been translated into this project dedicated to all those who wish to be happy every day in a natural way” – says Alberto Alessi.

About the Supplier

Alessi, a leading company in the design of housewares, makes its products available to the HORECA – hotels, restaurants and catering – and Contract sectors.




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