Important for suppliers to walk the sustainability talk: Amy Hudwalker [Video]

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Amy Hudwalker, TUUCI’s Vice President of Sales in Asia Pacific, tells us why suppliers need to get on board with the sustainability drive in the hospitality industry.

Amy Hudwalker is someone who understands the crucial role hospitality industry suppliers play in global sustainability efforts.

As the Vice President of Sales for TUUCI in the Asia Pacific region, Amy has her work cut out for her.

On the sidelines of TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR Singapore, she spoke to TOPHOTELNEWS on why sustainability is important for suppliers and how TUUCI is walking the walk on being eco-friendly.

Born in Miami; roots are the environment

Amy: I think sustainability is the way that most companies are headed right now because there’s so much concern about the environment. A little background: TUUCI was born 20 years ago in Miami. Our owner worked in a boatyard and also sold outdoor furniture, and he wanted a good umbrella to sell. And he couldn’t find one so he decided to make one.

So, TUUCI is really born in Miami and the roots are the environment. It’s about how those parts work with the environment, so sustainability is very important to our company. We use recycled fabric or we recycle our fabric from Sunbrella mainly. We also recycle our aluminum, we’re very conscientious about what we’ll do with the environment. A lot of our efforts on the charity work that we do particularly in Miami are based around the environment as well. So, it’s extremely important to our company especially because our products are out in this environment and we’re worried about the climate, and we’re worried about protecting people so it’s important to our company.

Walking the sustainability talk

Amy: We have products that have replaceable parts. So you’re talking about sustainability, all those parts are replaceable. We don’t like what we call umbrella graveyards, so we really want companies to keep our products onsite. We can ship your new parts if something happens to break. If you just want to change the canopy, you can change that. Please don’t throw away your umbrella, we don’t like it for the environment and it also helps the properties as well to sustain a look. I specifically cover the Asia-Pacific region, and we see that as huge potential market for us. There is obviously a lot of growth here.

Key regions for future growth

Amy: We have seen from TOPHOTELPROJECTS a lot of information that’s talking about the growth in Asia-Pacific. There’s also a lot of sun here, so it’s hot and there are a lot of places that need shade. We only manufacture umbrellas, cabanas and lounges, so we’re about protecting people from the elements whether it’s the hot sun or even some of the rain.

We understand the climate in Asia because it is very similar to South Florida in Miami where we’re based. We also have a factory in Vietnam, so we do support the Asia-Pacific market a lot, and we have an office in Europe. So we really are a global company. We see growth everywhere but my particular focus is Asia-Pacific and you can see a lot of that growth in China and Vietnam as well as the ASEAN nations.


Amy: This is the first time that TUUCI has sponsored one of the TOPHOTELWORLDTOURs and I’m very happy that we did it. I did as a little bit of a test to see how it was in the Asia-Pacific region. I’m new to this area so it was a wonderful way for me to meet people. People I never would’ve been able to meet by sending an email to info at whatever company it is. So for me, it created a connection with people and it wasn’t such a sales pitch.

It was really this interesting dynamic of designers talking with operators and then there’s the suppliers there. So it’s not me sitting there selling you on umbrellas and cabanas all day. It really created this unique environment of getting to know people and having them trust what you’re talking to them about, and then hopefully, that turns into some sales for TUUCI as well. But overall, I’m extremely happy with the event, and I would recommend that our Europe office do one. I think that our US operation should look into it as well.

Amy Hudwalker was a delegate at TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR Singapore 2019. To attend, address or sponsor future TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR events around the world, contact TOPHOTELPROJECTS Head of Global Events & Conferences
Kayley van der Velde.


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