Hygienic Design by MEC2: New Ice Well Solutions

by | 28 May 2020 | Products

Crushed Ice Well series from MEC2

New Crushed Ice Well series from MEC2 with glass display case and sneeze protection glasses.

It’s in general an impressive presentation by placing products on crushed ice. The specialty of the new Ice Wells Series by MEC2 is the hygienic design concept and its accessories, for example glass display cases, so that customers can choose without worry and the staff will hand over the food in a very safe manner. Alternatively, a protective sneeze glass against droplets spread can also be attached if self-service is provided.

The Crushed Ice Well series from MEC2 are made of inert stainless steel 14301, AISI 304 which counts as antibacterial! In the food sector, stainless steel with such austenitic grades are also prescribed.

The Ice Wells are available in sizes 1/1 GN, 2/1 GN, 3/1 GN and 4/1 GN. All contain a perforated plate for condensate disposal via a floor drain with a hose connection on the back. Crushed Ice Wells are only suitable for short-term cooling of products at the buffet.









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