How turtles are being rehabilitated in one of the world’s finest hotels [Video]

by | Apr 14, 2019 | News

A rehabilitated turtle swims away from its “hotel hospital” of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai

The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, based in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and Madinat Jumeirah, has rescued nearly 1,600 turtles and returned them to their natural habitat

One of the world’s tallest hotels has a few rather unusual swimming guests among them.

Indeed, the ultra luxury Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai is also the home of the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project (DTRP).

This project was initiated in 2004 and has since rescued nearly 1,600 turtles and returned them to their natural habitat.

Turtle being nursed back to health

Turtle released back into its natural habitat

Rescuing sick, injured turtles

Marine turtles worldwide are listed as vulnerable to extinction, among them the Hawksbill turtle, found in the waters around Dubai.

Most turtles come to the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project (DTRP) because they are injured or sick, Gerhard Beukes told the BBC in a recent interview.

Common cases include impact injuries to turtles that have been stuck by a boat propeller and cracked their carapaces (shells). Many young turtles also come in because they get washed up on the shore where they can no longer cope with the water’s cold temperatures or strong currents.

The human threat

However, the biggest threats to sea turtles are caused by humans. The ingestion of plastics causes infections to turtles and makes them sick.

Many turtles coming to the project are affected by heavy barnacle growth on the carapace, which is a sign that the turtles are in a bad condition. Therefore, after their arrival, the carapace are cleansed and the turtles supplied with antibiotics. They are then slowly nursed back to health — upto the point where they can feed themselves after their release back into nature.

Here´s a behind the scenes video at the luxury hotel to find out more about the sanctuary and the turtles it cares for.

Video credit: WhatsOnDubai

Kudos to the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah for contributing to the rescue of this endangered species and raising awareness of environmental issues.


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