As the hospitality market becomes ever more competitive, hoteliers and brands are having to find new and innovative ways to market their properties. The millennial market is one of the most challenging to tap into, but getting an influencer on board can be a great way to get your foot in the door. But what do you need to know about working with an influencer?

Understanding and communication

Influencers are often the cornerstone of any influential marketing campaign in the modern era. Their ability to communicate directly with a target market makes them incredibly valuable to a hotel brand that is trying to reach a new customer base. However, as this is still a relatively new way of spreading the word, many hoteliers still haven’t fully grasped how influencers operate. Because influencers have built their name on their own particular personal brand, it is important that hotels choose to work with influencers whose voice, style and vision aligns with their own. This will allow the hotel to comfortably put the marketing of their hotel into the influencer’s hands, trusting them to communicate the appropriate message that that is in line with their brand identity.

Influencers like to have autonomy while using whatever social platform they are work with, and so hoteliers must strive to fully understand both the platform and the influencers operational strategy to achieve the best results. Be clear about goals and objectives at the outset, and then give the influencer the freedom to execute these based on the understanding of the brief.

Destination, property and experience

Influencers working in social media are uniquely positioned to showcase not only a hotel’s destination, but also the hotel itself and the experience that a potential guest can have. This is the benefit of targeting millennials who are looking for lifestyle and experiential hotels. Influencers using You Tube, Snapchat, Instagram and Instastories are working in both photo and video, so their community can see in real time where they are, what hotel they are staying in and the activities they are participating in. This is another reason why it is imperative that an influencer is chosen whose community is the target market of the hotel. Millennials like up and coming destinations such as Lisbon and established urban hubs like Berlin or New York for urban getaways. Older millennials might like ecolodges in idyllic locations, or boutique hotels or lodges in picturesque rural areas. Make sure that the activities and experiences have been defined beforehand so that the influencer knows how they are going to pitch them to their community and audience.

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