A stunning new hotel in the Uruguayan countryside blends perfectly into its surroundings by using a clever facade that tricks the eye. We check out a collection of tiny lodges that take full advantage of their incredible setting.

Disappearing design

When thinking about booking accommodation, guests always make their choice based on what kind of holiday they are looking for, and if you are searching for a private, rural retreat, look no further than the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel in the isolated countryside of Uruguay. Located in between the Uruguayan holiday resorts of Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio and Pueblo Garzon, 13 small shelters are set on 250 acres of rolling hills typical of rural Uruguay, and within a vineyard, making the hotel an ideal escape for both wine lovers and lovers of nature. The lodges are perched on a hillside overlooking the young vineyard, and everything about this property responds to and complements its location. The most striking feature of the private cabins is their facade, which is mirrored to reflect the sky and lush green hills that abound, making it disappear into the landscape.

Inspired by nature

MAPA Architects are behind this amazing enclave in the Uruguayan hills, and say the following about the concept behind the project: “With the comfort and sophistication of urban hotels, Sacromonte Landscape Hotel substitutes the concept of contiguous rooms with exclusive cabins scattered through the landscape. In addition, elevators and corridors are replaced by winding paths. A total of 13 cabins (4 shelters and 9 landscape shelters) are disseminated over the Sacromonte topography, seeking the best locations. A winery with a restaurant set among the vineyards, a reception area with a wine store and a hilltop terrace for wine tasting put the finishing touches on the hotel facilities.” Sacromonte gives the guest the best of both worlds; a truly relaxing and private retreat from the city and normal life, and all the amenities a guest needs to feel like they are staying in a luxurious hotel that is catering to them.

Sustainability at Sacromonte

Not only is the project in harmony with its surroundings, but it is also sustainable in its conception and design. The structures are all prefabricated, meaning there is little interference into the actual fabric of the landscape. All of the materials used are locally sourced and environmentally friendly, and the site has a garden which produces vegetables that are used in the restaurant, promoting farm to table gastronomy. Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway in South America:Cartagena Marriott Hotel
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