Hotel chain plans to bake first cookie in space

by | Jul 20, 2019 | General News

Cookies in space – DoubleTree is reaching for the stars

This is one giant step for all of mankind… provided they have a sweet tooth.

From the moment humankind first dreamed of launching a rocket into space, one thing was inevitable—we would also find a way to make desserts there.

That time has now come.

Yes, Hilton will soon become the first company (of any kind) to bake a cookie in space, doing so through its DoubleTree brand, which is already famous for giving all guests a fresh-baked cookie here on earth.

Soon, those same DoubleTree cookies will become “the first food baked in space inside a prototype oven designed to make long-duration space travel more hospitable,” the brand recently stated in a press release.

Cookies in space

Any reasonable person might wonder how it’s possible for a hotel company to actually bake a cookie in space.

It’s a good question which also happens to have an interesting answer. DoubleTree is doing so through a partnership with microgravity appliance maker Zero G Kitchen and with commercial space travel provider NanoRacks. With their help, DoubleTree by Hilton will send some of their cookie dough to the International Space Station later this year.

Once the dough has been launched up there, there will be a test of Zero G Kitchen’s new oven, the first to ever be used on the station to freshly bake food.

“Opening up the frontier of space means making it relatable to people’s everyday lives, and what could be more relatable than a freshly baked cookie?” said Ian Fichtenbaum, co-chef and co-founder of Zero G Kitchen.

Why DoubleTree?

There are a few reasons DoubleTree has been tapped for the honour of baking the first galactic cookie.

First, their hotels are probably most closely associated with hot and fresh cookies. Second, Hilton has long had a reputation as an industry innovator.

So who better to send into space with the very important mission of getting the astronauts hot and fresh-baked cookies?

To celebrate this momentous occasion, DoubleTree will give anyone who comes to a participating hotel – guests or otherwise – a complimentary DoubleTree cookie on Aug. 4…which also happens to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.


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