Hip Hotel Brand Geared to Nightlife Spreads Throughout the Globe

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Chains

Most hotel owners and operators have started to hear more about sbe Hotelgroup, a hotel management company that is behind an increasing number of the most buzzed about properties, as well as nightlife venues, throughout the global hospitality space.

Well, now Sbe is expanding. The company, which was first founded and is still run by Sam Nazarian, has recently confirmed 10 new deals for hotels, residences and restaurants, with the properties involved being spread throughout South America, the Middle East, and Asia. If current projections hold true, the company’s portfolio may expand to double its current size, growing to as many as 50 hotels and other residences by the year 2021.

Sbe is the sort of hotel group that doesn’t put its company name on the properties, so many in the space may be more familiar with its offerings, which include the boutique SLS, the Mondrian, Delano, and the Redbury. In terms of food and beverage offerings, Sbe’s restaurants include The Bazaar by celebrity chef Jose Andres, Katsuya, Umami Burger, and Cleo. In terms of nightlife venues, Sbe is most famous for Hyde and Skybar at Mondrian, both of which regularly boast lines of trendy and beautiful people outside their doors.

The wide-spanning nature of Sbe’s success is made evident by the cities in which it currently has a presence — New York, Miami, Los Angeles, etc. — as well as the cities where it is most likely to expand soon, which include trendy Mexico City and Doha in the booming tourism market of Qatar.

“We have a robust pipeline,” Nazarian recently said. “Our goal is very clear. We want to get 50 hotels open by 2021 which is a big feat for a small lifestyle company. And within those hotels we are going to be putting in all of our restaurants and lounges. It’s a multiplication effect.”

One of Sbe’s most notable expansion markets is Mexico, where in addition to opening up a property soon in Mexico City, 2018 is likely to see the company also debuting new hotels in world-famous beach destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun / Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Punta Mita.

Sbe is a dynamic company, one very much shaped by the experience that Nazarian has brought to it, coming from a wireless company that he cofounded and later sold within the tech sector. Nazarian has regularly partnered with top experts and big names in hospitality as he has driven his company to new levels of success.


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