Hilton’s hotel of the future – welcome to real-life sci-fi

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Are you ready: Hilton welcomes you to the hotel of 2119

Hilton says we should all get ready for 3D printed room service, hyper-personalized spaces, moon-walking mini-breaks and more.

Hilton has revealed what the hotel room of the future may look like, and wow, is it impressive.

A lot of hotels have made it a practice of envisioning what the hotel room of the future might look like, but when they do it, they generally look 10 or 20 or even 30 years in the future.

Hilton has recently predicted what hotel rooms might look like 100 years from now, and futuristic is the perfect word for it.


Hilton’s vision is wide-spanning with elements one might expect to find in a sci-fi flick, rather than in a hotel room.

This includes intergalactic getaways, fast-food nutrient pills, working days which only span two or three hours, and personalized rooms which adapt to guests and have the capability to transport them to different locales, ranging from jungles to mountain ranges to anywhere in between.

“Since its inception in 1919, Hilton has pioneered the hospitality industry, introducing first-to-market concepts such as air-conditioning and in-room televisions. Last year, Hilton also became the first hospitality company to set science-based targets to reduce its environmental impact,” said Simon Vincent, EVP & President, EMEA, Hilton.

“We enter our second century with the same commitment to innovation, harnessing the power of our people and technology to respond to guest demands. Our research paints an exciting future for the hospitality industry, highlighting the growing importance of human interaction in an increasingly tech-centric world.”

Hilton did all this predicting as part of the company’s 100th birthday celebration, and while all this seems quite far away (100 years, to be exact), it’s a lot of fun to take a closer look.

A report on the hotel of the future

Hilton’s report on the hotel of the future was supported by insights from experts in the fields of sustainability, innovation, design, HR, nutrition, and more.

Together, they compiled findings which paint a picture of a hospitality industry that will be shaped by increasingly sophisticated technologies as well as real-world challenges such as climate change.

Futurologist Gerd Leonhard said: “In 2119 we will still be searching for unique experiences, but they will be more personalised than ever. As technology shapes our lives, we will seek out moments of offline connection with others, including hotel team members who will help us truly get what we need from our stays. One hundred years from now hotels will have to create opportunities to converse, collaborate and connect, delivering moments that matter, individually, to each and every guest.”

Key findings

A list of key findings from the report—broken down by category—can be found below, directly from Hilton.

  • Personalization is vital, in that individual rooms will be almost entirely customizable thanks to new technologies.
  • The human touch will still matter. As the world comes to increasingly rely on artificial intelligence, a corresponding preference for real human interaction is likely to develop. Luckily, new technology will free up more time for hotel staff to bypass repetitive work and focus on providing actual hospitality.
  • In the same vein, hotels will be tasked with providing menu surprises and other unique dietary touches for guests.
  • As climate change worsens, sustainability must become inherent to the hospitality business, from a hotel’s design to the way it engages with its community and locale.
  • Finally, fitness will remain a strong preference for many people who stay in hotels so innovative wellness and exercise concepts will continue to gain importance.

Interested parties can find out more about hotels 100 years from now by downloading a copy of Hilton’s report outlining the hotel of the future here.




Hilton is a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of 17 world-class brands comprising more than 5,700 properties with more than 923,000 rooms, in 113 countries and territories.





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