Get to know Italtrim – The Company for Luxurious Hotel Supplies

by | May 8, 2016 | Suppliers

Italtrim was founded in New York City in 1996 and moved to Hong Kong in 2001. It conceives, designs and produces luxury packaging and fashion accessories. The company consists of three divisions:

  • Luxury Packaging (paper,fabric and plastic products) for the Fashion Industry
  • Premiums and Gifts
  • Hotel Supplies for Luxury Hotels & Resorts

The company has developed the Hotel Supplies division in the last few years with great success. Italtrim takes great pride in their quality, efficiency and reliability. The emphasis on quality is reflected by the standard of efficiency and efficacy to which the company operates. The team provides in depth research into the best raw materials for each client’s demands and skilful product design to suit any request.

Furthermore Italtrim believes production should be done without harming the environment. They aim to produce orders through an environmentally sustainable and energy saving production process by using materials originating from eco-friendly sources.

Product Overview

  • All kinds of paper items for Hotels with specific attention to high end packaging.
  • Guestroom – Cupboards, all customised. Lining , pillows , duvets and runners which are being produced in China , Turkey and Europe.
  • Bathroom – Amenities, Slippers & Towels, Hairdryers & Scales, Bathroom Items.
  • Fragrance & More – Create your own Fragrance and Courtesy products.
  • Bar & Pool – With a special attention to all the polycarbonate products. Italtrim has a collection of more than 300 items made with German polycarbonate (high end line) or Korean polycarbonate (cheaper line); these two lines are made in China. For this area Italtrim produces also special towels and flip flops and other products dedicated to the pool and bar.
  • Restaurant – Italtrim offers branded glasses collections and custom made porcelains (Bone or new bone China) and cutlery. Table cloths, napkins and table matts are part of the line.
  • Kitchen – Kitchenware, Kitchen Machineries
  • Housekeeping – Uniforms

― About the Supplier ―

Italtrim was founded in the 90’s in New York city and moved to Hong Kong in 2001.


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