Geberit AquaClean in Switzerland: the Grand Hotel Quellenhof at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

by | 11 Mar 2020 | Products

The 5-star Grand Hotel Quellenhof at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in the east of Switzerland takes its inspiration from water – from a replica waterfall in the lobby and countless drinking fountains filled with thermal water, right through to the shower toilets in the bathrooms.

At the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, perfectly warm tempered water is the order of the day. This has been the case right from the very beginning, when the discovery of the thermal source 778 years ago inspired the creation of a hotel at the site in which the 36.5° spring water would flow. The water itself is a soft mineral water, free from bacteria and neutral in taste. “The thermal water is what sets us apart,” says Marco R. Zanolari, General Manager of the Grand Hotels at the Grand Resort.

Chandeliers and shower toilets

The water welcomes guests to the Grand Hotel Quellenhof from the moment they set foot in the lobby. Cascading down four floors, a 16-meter high chandelier, complete with 2500 spheres, both clear and blue in colour and all differing in size, gives the illusion of a waterfall pouring into a frothing thermal spring. Then there are the fountains, spread across the hotel complex, from which guests can enjoy the invigorating thermal water. “Our employees, too, are all given a water bottle, so that they can benefit from our revitalising water every day,” adds Zanolari. And those aren’t the only places at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz where water plays a vital role. As part of the renovations of 2019, Geberit AquaClean Sela shower toilets were installed in all 98 suites at the Grand Hotel Quellenhof, mounted in front of the wall on a Geberit Monolith sanitary module.

The shower toilet: amazement and added value in one

For Zanolari, the added value of a shower toilet is crucial, especially given that, in today’s world, guests often have more modern appliances at home than hotels can offer them. Nowadays, everyone has the latest TV at home, so providing guests with something that will surprise and delight them is a challenge. “A shower toilet is one thing that hasn’t yet made its way into everybody’s homes, which makes it even more amazing for guests. They really appreciate having something different.” Personal hygiene in the bathroom – and, in particular, cleaning when using the toilet – is a sensitive topic. But that hasn’t stopped guests from talking about it. Indeed, the shower toilet is seen as a particularly impressive feature. As Marco Zanolari explains: “We are always getting positive feedback on the shower toilets from our guests. They think they’re fantastic and they love the fact that using the toilets is so hygienic and clean.”

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