From FOMO to JOMO – Westin Middle East and Africa’s approach to promoting wellness

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Relaxing offline moments at Westin Middle East and Africa

Westin Hotels & Resorts in the Middle East and Africa are rewarding guests who ditch their phones and indulge in the “joy of missing out”

While FOMO, or the “fear of missing out”, was coined many moons ago, it has a new rival in 2019- JOMO, or the “joy of missing out”.

JOMO feeds into the wellness explosion, where people, instead of feeling the pressure to involve themselves in everything, choose to disconnect from the chaos of the world.

Westin Hotels & Resorts in the Middle East and Africa are jumping on the JOMO bandwagon for World  Sleep Day by rewarding guests who decide to switch off.

We find out more.

JOMO is the new FOMO

Wellness and self-care top many people’s agendas in 2019.

Far from just being buzzwords used by millennials, the idea of self-care has manifested itself in the explosion in popularity of wellness and fitness facilities in the hospitality industry.

Hotel brands around the world are taking note of this rising trend, and Westin Hotels and Resorts are jumping on championing wellness and self-care by giving back to guests who embrace the JOMO lifestyle.

Special packages, offers and even loyalty points are being offered to guests who choose to joyfully as opposed to fearfully miss out.

The launch of this idea was deliberately set to coincide with World Sleep Day because sleep is another facet of wellness which has been making headlines recently.

This is due to the global community becoming more aware of the importance of not just a full eight hours’ sleep, but also high-quality sleep, something hotels can find challenging to offer.

JOMO in action in the Middle East and Africa

While Westin properties across the world are getting on the World Sleep Day train, the brand’s Middle East and Africa properties are offering packages, events and activities designed to lure guests away from their phones and into the realm of wellness and self-care.

Guests can choose to relax in hammocks, listening to carefully curated relaxing playlists and join Tai Chi classes at the Westin Turtle Bay Mauritius, while those staying at the Westin Cape Town don nightgowns and indulge in a variety of spa treatments.

Speaking about the culture of sleep and wellness in our modern 24-hour world, Chris Heuisler, Global RunWestin Concierge, Westin Hotels & Resorts, says, “Finally, sleep and self-care have become cool to talk about. Today’s over-scheduled and always-on culture has spurred a counter-movement among those who see the value in disconnecting and taking time back for well-being, starting with a good night’s sleep. Nearly 65% of people sleep fewer hours while on the road; so empowering travellers to embrace the ‘joy of missing out,’sleep strong and rise better reinforces our commitment to guests’ well-being and the growing understanding that sleep impacts everything from the way you work out to business productivity and overall happiness.”  


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