Floor-level channel shower made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel

by | 04 Aug 2020 | Products

The Kaldewei Nexsys is available in a wide range of bathroom colours and the elegant shades of the Kaldewei Coordinated Colours Collection. This means that the channel shower can be a standout feature in the bathroom, producing surprising contrasts. Product shown: Kaldewei Nexsys shower surface in woodberry brown matt with anti-slip Secure Plus finish and design cover in polished gold.

There is no easier or more secure way of having the extremely flat design of a channel shower in a bathroom than with the KALDEWEI Nexsys shower surface with its exclusive colours and metallic accents.

The shower – available in 20 different sizes, with three surfaces, in many colours and with elegant design covers – is not only a shower surface of exceptional aesthetic but also a complete, virtually installation-ready system. Be it with the familiar 4-in-1 system or the Nexsys Systemboard, all elements are already preassembled at the factory, inclusive of sloping support, waste channel and sealing tape.

Tile becomes shower becomes tile: it is only on closer inspection that one can see where the tiling ends and the shower surface begins. Thanks to the large choice of bathroom colours and matt shades of the KALDEWEI Coordinated Colours Collection, the KALDEWEI Nexsys can be integrated with XXL tiles at floor level, allowing it to disappear completely into the tiling. Conversely, the Nexsys can be turned into a standout feature in the bathroom, producing surprising contrasts.

Elegant design covers bring metallic accents into the bathroom

The Nexsys brings extra glam factor into the bathroom with a variety of surface finishes for its elegant design cover: The polished gold, polished stainless steel or brushed red gold versions particularly underline the elegance and value of this exclusive channel shower. An easy-clean finish is available on request, further adding to the shower’s comfort and convenience. In addition, all matt colours can be treated with KALDEWEI’s virtually invisible anti-slip Secure Plus finish – for a high level of safety underfoot.

Perfect Match of design icons

Hardly any other KALDEWEI bathroom solutions have won so many awards for their excellent design as the KALDEWEI Nexsys shower surface and the KALDEWEI Miena washbasin bowl which was designed by Anke Solomon. These accolades range from the “iF DESIGN AWARD” and the Red Dot Award to multiple wins at the ICONIC AWARDS. Perhaps that is why the innovative channel shower and the delicate-looking round or rectangular washbasin bowl enter into such a fascinating “Perfect Match”, the term KALDEWEI uses to describe the harmony between design language and uniform materiality.

Easy installation for greater efficiency on the building site

With installation systems that are preassembled in the factory, the KALDEWEI Nexsys ensures that installation is easy and time is saved on the building site. Thanks to the new Nexsys SB-N Systemboard and the familiar 4-in-1 system, all elements are already connected with each other, inclusive of waste channel, sloping support and sealing tape. The included insulation tape guarantees optimum sound insulation. Thanks to its ultra-low built height, floor-level installation is possible even with limited construction depth. With all these advantages it comes as no surprise that the KALDEWEI Nexsys is a favourite not only with architects and bathroom planners but also, first and foremost, with installers who save valuable installation time with the channel shower, allowing them to increase their efficiency on the building site.





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