Explora’s unique brand of idyllic adventure and isolation has opened its latest property in Peru’s Sacred Valley. We take a look inside this new hotel, and back at the history of Explora.

Explora’s beginnings

Explora was founded in 1993 with the intention of providing travelers with access to some of the most isolated, beautiful and desirable destinations in South America. Beginning in Chile, Explora now has seven properties across South America, from Chilean and Argentine Patagonia to the Atacama Desert and the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. Explora’s identity rests on creating unique experiences by being able to immerse yourself in nature and wilderness and being able to come back to luxurious lodgings at the end of the day.

Explora in Peru

The latest luxury lodge to join the Explora family is set in the incredible natural landscape of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Home to the Incas for centuries, and used as something of a royal enclave for the civilization, who built palaces and estates on its hills and fertile plains, the Sacred Valley is one of the most visited destinations in Peru, because of its proximity to Cusco and Machu Picchu. The new property, called Explora Valle Sagrado, has been designed by José Cruz Ovalle, a Chilean architect specialising in wood construction who is responsible for the designs of a number of other Explora Hotels.

Sacred Valley design

The design of this luxury lodge echoes the design of some of its sister hotels that are sited in mountainous areas. Reminiscent of a ski lodge, but with a greater air of exclusivity and luxuriousness, the Valle Sagrada hotel takes the form of a series of low, linear volumes that hug the landscape and respond to the landforms and terraces that this part of Peru is famous for. The site itself benefits from the presence of Inca ruins, that were discovered while the site was being excavated and have now been incorporated into the hotel complex. The 50 guestrooms ooze a particular sort of rustic calm that can be associated with Explora properties, where wood dominates in a serene manner that recalls the nature outside. The roofs are covered with typical Peruvian tiles, and the material palette complements the natural surroundings of the hotel. Let’s take a look at a few  projects currently underway Latin America:Hotel Capitalinas Bariloche
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