Expert’s Voice: Natascha Rupp Talks Sustainability

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Experts

To us at Rupp Public Relations GmbH, sustainable tourism means traveling in a way that future generations get to experience the cultures and landscapes we experience today. Additionally, our travels must help local economies grow, improving the lives of the communities living where we travel to. That’s why we create and execute PR strategies for tour operators, hotels, and other sustainable travel brands around the world. On behalf of our clients, we inspire travelers to experience destinations that operate sustainably. We firmly believe that sustainable tourism can lift communities out of poverty, which is why we primarily work with hotels that share this belief and acknowledge their responsibility within the tourism industry.

Here’s a list of our five favorite sustainable hotels – and what makes them sustainable.

Natascha Rupp’s Top Sustainable Hotel Picks

CEMPEDAK – Let’s start with the pioneer of sustainable hospitality. This private island resort just off the coast of Singapore ticks all the boxes: from onsite rainwater collection and purification, to using a solar PV system for electricity. Guests enjoy a daily fresh set menu, enhancing the quality of food and limiting food waste. The only food waste is plate waste and they process this into fishmeal, which the resort uses to feed fish in their small fish farm.

Cempedak boathouse

KA BRU FOREST – This luxurious Brazilian treehouse is ethically crafted from 60-year-old demolition woods (recycled wood). It is also furnished by locals, using only local building materials; all water comes from the river next to the house, and wastewater is treated in an ecological septic tank in the jungle.

KATAMAMA BALI – This hip boutique hotel in Bali is all about a very particular element of sustainability: integrating local traditions and culture. In this case, the tradition is Indonesian craftsmanship. Katamama, which was built by local artisans, brings together 1.5 million hand-pressed Balinese temple bricks that make of the structure of this hotel. A great example of how fusing culture and traditions can make for beautiful, sustainable, design hotels.

LAMAI SERENGETI – Nomad Tanzania’s breathtaking camp has its own borehole for water, which eliminates travel to get water from other sources; grey water is drained safely. Shampoos and toiletries are environmentally friendly to avoid damage to the environment from the grey water coming from rooms. This year, Nomad is making all their camps completely plastic free, reusing wine bottles to store water in camp cars and in camps.

PacayasmallPACAYA LODGE & SPA – This eco-lodge nestled above Laguna de Apoyo is part of the NGO Opportunity International Nicaragua. The hotel serves as a vehicle to transform underdeveloped communities in Nicaragua, and invests into sustainable solutions for micro-entrepreneurs and their families. Every piece of interior and artwork at the lodge is made in Nicaragua, and the best part is: it is all for sale – one of the many ways Pacaya supports the local communities and economy.

Top Tips for Sustainable Tourism

With air travel being responsible for 2,48 % of global GHG emissions, sustainable tourism might sound like a contradiction in itself. But we know that travelers are not going to stop exploring new countries and different cultures. They can, however, support local communities and decrease their environmental impact by staying in a sustainable hotel.

Once you arrive at a destination traveling sustainably can be so easy: book tours with local guides rather than through international companies so more money stays within the local economy, avoid buying plastic bottles which may end up in the ocean, and stay at hotels that were built and operate sustainably.


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