Ethimo, 2021 new collections

by | 19 Mar 2021 | Products

New cosier and more private outdoor configurations, in constant dialogue with architecture, nature and design.

Venexia, a sinuous form of elegance for a new function in the open air. Designed by Luca Nichetto.

Designed in Venice, it is called Venexia and is made in Italy: designed by the Venetian Luca Nichetto, who has traced its iconic shape, the new Venexia lounge set is completely made in Italy.

  • Light and resistant: the structure is made entirely from aluminium and the rhythmic alternation of the very thin strips that characterise each element gives it a light and airy appearance.
  • Timeless and very comfortable beauty: Venexia’s design meets classic and contemporary, with particular attention to comfort and style for unique hospitality venues.

Venexia, born from the renewed collaboration between Ethimo and Luca Nichetto, is a lounge collection that draws inspiration from the urban design of the 19th century, to which it adds the aesthetic and functional aspects of the furnishings intended for residential or contemporary contract use, with the aim of improving the quality of outdoor spaces, ensuring a new wellness experience in the open air.

Visually reminiscent of old-fashioned railings, the structure of the furniture is made of a refined harmonious series of very thin aluminium slats, shaped with ad hoc moulds to ensure uniformity. The formal result is a collection with important proportions, visually light, which at the same time conveys feelings of solidity and robustness.

A new design concept in this way blazes a trail in contemporary outdoor furnishings, reworking the traditional definition of aluminium furniture and, inspired by the past, offering an ergonomic, complete, versatile system with big personality that turns design into pure comfort and practicality.

Hut, an intimate, reserved and reassuring form of wellbeing. Designed by Marco Lavit.

  • Sculpture: much more than just a piece of furniture, Hut is an iconic sculpture with a strong identity and a comfortable and welcoming space reserved for outdoor relaxation.
  • 100% outdoor: made from Siberian Larch, a wood known for its compact fibre and for its great resistance in outdoor environments.
  • Cosy & Lazy: a comfortable round teepee-style bed. Cocooning, for lazy summer afternoons.

“Hut is an unusual human-sized nest, a place to pause and for regeneration all about relaxation, wellness and the outdoors. Cosy and comfortable, its wooden structure looks towards the sky, protecting like a shell and becoming a privileged, unique and private point of view.” This is how Marco Lavit talks about Hut, the project created with Ethimo and which reinterprets large outdoor spaces, marking a new dimension of comfort, capable of transmitting unprecedented sensations of warmth and ‘protection’.

Hut is much more than just a piece of outdoor furniture, its proportions ‘elevate’ it to real architecture. A suggestive refuge, with a strong scenographic impact, in which long strips of Siberian larch echo the shapes of a tepee.

The inserts and metal details, which define the large circular seat dressed in soft cushions, give it a contemporary essence. Hut, movable and adaptable without constraints on the ground, is available with a height of 320 cm and a diameter of 300 cm and can be customised with an elegant curtain, which allows you to ‘close’ the nest, ensuring a constant and pleasant passage of air whilst protecting the inside from direct sunlight.

Kilt, new colours and ethical soul. Designed by Marcello Ziliani.

  • The novelty is the coloured rope: elegant and organic, the combination of teak wood and colour makes Kilt unique and simply beautiful.
  • Ethical Ethimo: the teak frame, FSC certified, and the organic rope for the outside characterise the natural beauty of the seat.
  • The comfort zone: stackable, with teak structure and a double woven seat. Maximum comfort even without cushions!

A mix of elegance and naturalness, the Kilt armchair, in the dining and lounge versions, combines the characteristic teak structure with new colours of the natural rope, reinterpreted in two bright colours that are inspired by the warm shades of Mediterranean vegetation.

The dense texture in Olive Green and Ruby Wine suggests positive atmospheres and vibrations, making Kilt unique and simply beautiful. Retaining its casual elegance and the characteristics of solidity, comfort and ergonomics, the new proposals of the Kilt collection enhance outdoor spaces, creating unique settings through colour.

Allaperto, two new moods and an unprecedented suspended armchair. Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

  • Natural beauty: Allaperto blends the geometry of its straight lines with the organic beauty of natural rattan, creating new furnishing trends even in semi-open spaces such as verandas or porches.
  • Inspired by the sea: Nautic, 100% recyclable weaving that is inspired by the maritime world and combines precious teak with an artisanal herringbone weaving.
  • If you can’t fly…then swing! – a new version of the Allaperto family, the suspended armchair to make you dream of travel and appreciate the light flexibility of nature.

Allaperto, the lounge collection spawned by the partnership between Ethimo, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez which has become iconic for the different ‘outfits’ with which it interprets the places that host it, continues its transformation in two new moods, Veranda and Nautic, pairing teak with natural rattan and rope. Allaperto Veranda dresses the lounge armchair in rattan, offering an example of an increasingly eco-friendly approach that focuses on the choice of materials with a rather vintage feel.

The natural rattan weave is a perfect match for the transitional spaces between indoors and outdoors, such as porches or verandas. Areas which today become a veritable extension of the comfort offered by our interior environments, with an innate ability to surprise, also in contemporary exterior design.

Allaperto Nautic, the second new outfit, styles the entire lounge, combining teak with polypropylene rope, a 100% outdoor recyclable material. The Nautic mood is inspired by the maritime world and pairs precious teak with an artisan herringbone weave in rope, endowing chairs and sofas with a distinctive personality that boosts the appeal of their slender lines.

The characteristic weave of Veranda and Nautic is entirely handmade, conveying an authentic sartorial feel and the sense of an artisan crafting process.

For 2021, the Allaperto collection is also enriched by a suspended armchair – emblem of an outdoor environment made of lightness, in full harmony with the flexibility of the natural world.

The new suspended armchair, also available in the swing version with self-bearing stand, can be personalised in rattan (Veranda mood), in rope (Nautic mood) or in Etwick fibre (Mountain mood), creating a brand-new proposal ideal for ‘swinging’ carefree in the open air in maximum comfort.



The Italian company Ethimo specialises in high-quality outdoor furnishings and décor, taking its inspiration from the warm, inviting colours of the Mediterranean and the charm of humble, authentic places.