Dynamic LED Tape F produced by Hera

by | 01 Sep 2021 | Products

Application Dynamic LED Tape F

Every guest feels comfortable with light from Hera!

The changeable ‘planar light’ off the roll!

Suitable for decorative applications but also for showcases and niches, Dynamic Tape F immediately provides anti-glare light without the use of additional profiles or covers.

This prevents the risk of unwanted reflections on reflective surfaces.

Thanks to the protection class IP54, it’s also suitable for the spa and wellness area.

Further advantages

  • Colour appearance adjustable from warm (2700K) to cool (5000K), as well as dimmable
  • Variously controllable (radio, DALI; wifi, ZigBee)



As a family company in its third generation, Hera develops, produces and sells LED lighting for the furniture industry as well as for shopfitting and exhibition-stand construction.

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