Dorelan storybedding: How to make hotel rooms more attractive through storytelling

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Dorelan: tailormade bedding solutions

Once you understand how essential storybedding is, all you need to do is develop the content.

Communicating the quality of a bed system on websites, social media or promotional material is essential to show the hotel’s attention and dedication to its guests’ sleep and relaxation.

But how can we prove quality and give value to investments? We can do it through what we call storybedding. This way, storytelling merges with the bed system, becoming a story to tell.

Values above all else

The first step to take is to focus on the values that drove the hotel to improve the bed system.

The potential client and reader must perceive the hotel’s love and passion that have driven it to give more importance to this aspect. This is the first step towards good communication.

Where do we want to go?

Communication means nothing without a strategy. Who is your target audience? What are their needs? What do guests want to hear?

Setting goals is essential for achieving results. Storybedding techniques change depending on your target audience. Are your guests tourists or businesspeople? What’s their average age? Do they stay for short or longer periods?

Knowing which route to take is part of an effective and successful strategy.

How to do storybedding right

The ways of telling a story are multiple, regardless of the platform or channel used. Emphasising how comfortable our mattresses are or how cosy our rooms can be is not enough. Let’s make guests perceive their quality.

A successful story is not a mere description of something. It’s about making people see, smell and feel your product. Sharing videos, stories and guests’ opinions, and involving prestigious partners, can make a difference.

A good idea could be asking the supplier for some material.

Have you ever seen how a Dorelan mattress is assembled? Have you ever seen how the components of your rooms are processed? You need to intrigue users to make them perceive the quality of the materials used and how every element is customised.

In this regard, Dorelan has made customisation its strength. Clients are getting more and more demanding, especially when their wellbeing is involved, and they like to be included in the process.

A story has multiple facets. Explain the reason behind certain choices and delve deep into the values we talked about earlier. When you show a room to your guests, don’t just emphasise its beauty or characteristics but delve into the details.

Let them know why you chose that pillow, mattress or fabric. Textures and colours can tell a lot about the identity of a special place.

Create bedding-related hashtags and ask your guests to share their experience on social media. Collect all reviews and testimonials in a newsletter and share it. Ask for advice on what you can improve through surveys.

Nothing can attract a guest to a hotel more than quality sleep. Quality cannot be explained, but it can be told. And Dorelan has made quality and highly selected raw materials its philosophy for over 50 years.

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