With arresting sensitivity 4Spaces creates characterful fabrics far removed from the clichés of the industry and its superficial trends: they are simple, but very tactile, – fabrics with character. Simplicity, elegance and practicality are three key ingredients of the design perspective of the 4Spaces  studio. Under the creative guidance of , the team finds the inspiration for its collection in the individuality of the structures, yarns and weaving techniques as well.


After Collective Design, the collaboration with Justin Morin continues and has become so close that 4Spaces  will include a print series of his works in their standard collection in fall 2019.


Born in 1979, Justin Morin is represented by Capital Gallery (San Francisco) and Last Resort (Copenhagen). Based in Paris, he’s also working as set designer on special projects for clients like Louis Vuitton, Rimowa or Carven.


More information on 4Spaces can be found on TOPHOTELSUPPLIER,  the specialized service provider in the exchange of cutting-edge information of hotel construction in the international hospitality industry.

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