Dead and dirty? KniTec and Nonstop have you covered

by | 18 Mar 2021 | Products

After a day’s travel, guests’ phones are dead and dirty. Enter: Nonstop’s UV Station

After a long day of travelling, guests show up to their room with a phone that is low on battery and covered with germs. Nonstop’s UV Station is a modern nightstand solution that offers a simple and effective way to charge and clean guests’ phones.

A clean guestroom has always been a top priority for guests. Now more than ever, hotels are investing in various cleanliness initiatives to make guests feel healthy, happy and comfortable when welcoming them back to their hotel.

Nonstop’s recently released UV Station is a key part of that strategy as it cleans two of the dirtiest items in the room – guest phones and the remote – in addition to various other high-touch items with this 3-in-1 device:

UV Clean

  • What it cleans: Sanitise remotes, guest phones, glasses, airpods/headphones, keys, wallets, passports, and any other object that fits in the compartment.
  • How it works: Designed as a hospitality-grade solution, UV Station utilises six UV-C bulbs and has a reflective coating on the interior to ensure 360-degree coverage. Additionally, there is a translucent quartz plate at the bottom, eliminating the need to turn the device over. The combined application of these technologies results in an effective 99.999% kill rate in just five minutes.

Wireless and USB charging

  • Qi Wireless: The preferred method of charging for millions of guests around the world. With UV Station, a stand-up Qi pad puts the phone front and centre while charging.
  • Universal USB: Two easy-to-locate USB ports mean guests can charge up to three devices at once. The combination of wireless and USB charging is compatible with over 95% of devices that guests use while travelling.


  • Dimmable clock: The clock is equipped with a dimmer to satisfy guests who want to see the time at a glance as well as those who want total darkness at bedtime.

Leading hospitality industry dealer KniTec Enterprises says that Nonstop products are top sellers in the alarm clock and charging station category.

“Previously, we’d have hoteliers calling in and saying ‘I stayed at a competitor’s hotel and noticed they had really modern alarm clocks. Do you carry anything like that?'” says KniTec’s Southeast project manager Francis Gattas. “Now, the secret is out: Nonstop products are well-made, beautifully designed and reasonably priced, and customers are starting to request them by name.”

And the UV Station, with its sleek, innovative design, fits right in.

“As the dust settles, hoteliers are starting to sift through the myriad of cleaning products that have rushed the market,” says KniTec’s marketing director Kayla Gephart. “I think the UV Station is exactly what hoteliers want and need right now – it’s a relatively inexpensive, easy-to-use cleaning tool for both hotel staff and guests that sits neatly on the existing bedside table and elevates the room decor.”

UV Station is projected to ship in spring 2021. For pricing or to place your order, please visit or call 866-469-7111. Pre-order now for a 20% discount.


Will the UV compartment clean all sides of the device?

Yes, UV Station was designed specifically to ensure maximum coverage of any device. This is done through the use of seven UV bulbs – three on the top, four on the bottom. Additionally, there is a reflective coating and the phone rests on a translucent quartz plate to ensure the top, bottom and sides of the device are equally disinfected.

How long does it take to sanitise items inside the UV compartment?

Five minutes. The product has a countdown timer showing the amount of time remaining until the cycle is complete.

Is the UV light safe to be used around people?

UV-C light spectrum is ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280 nanometers (nm). This low end UV-C range is unable to penetrate even the outermost layer of human skin unless there is direct exposure for multiple hours. As an added safety measure, UV Station’s disinfecting chamber is designed such that no light can escape the chamber and the lid has a safety mechanism that automatically shuts off the light if opened mid-cycle.

How effective is the UV Station at killing germs?

UV Station will provide a 5-log reduction; killing 99.999% of microorganisms present; such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph Aureus, Influenza (H1N1), Coronavirus and more.

Is it OK to clean other items besides the TV remote or a mobile phone?

Yes, absolutely. Other common items to clean include earbuds, wristwatches/smartwatches, fitness bands, jewellery, wallets, etc.

How do you operate the UV cleaning feature?

The guest simply places their mobile phone or other small wearables into the cleaning chamber, shuts the lid, and presses the UV CLEAN button. An indicator light turns on and the display begins a countdown timer. When the timer reaches zero, a beep sound is made to further signify the cycle is complete and the light is shut off. An indicator on the display will signify that the clean cycle is complete, and will stay on until the lid is open to remove the device.

Where do I find pricing and place an order?

For pricing or to place your order, please visit or call 866-469-7111. Nonstop’s UV Station is projected to ship in spring 2021. Pre-order now for a 20% discount.

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