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Concept Hotel Group forges ahead with sixth hip hotel in Ibiza

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Design

A glimpse inside Romeo’s Motel and their eccentric style. (Photo: Romeo’s Ibiza)

Time for a road trip? Head to Ibiza for the ultimate experience of true Americana at Concept Hotel’s newest project.

Concept Hotel Group is bringing its keen eye for design to another property in Ibiza.

Romeo’s Motel and Diner is an OTT offering which exudes all the sexiness and style of a David Lynch movie and is heavily influenced by the great American road trip.

We take a look inside this kitsch property, due to open in summer 2020.

Sun, sea and a Concept motel

Concept Hotel Group’s sixth offering is sure to set pulses racing. Romeo’s Motel and Diner will welcome guests into its rouge interiors from the summer of 2020, and the property will be an entirely new and exciting offering for the Balearic island of Ibiza.

The motel is like something straight out of a 50’s postcard, its unique design full of the glory and freedom of true Americana.

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by the typical motel-style volume, with banded floors and their wrap-around walkways highlighted with strips of bright LEDs, coupled with the neon hues coming from the signage of the American-style diner on the ground floor.

The property is organised, as you would imagine for a motel, around a central swimming pool in the courtyard, and Concept has gone above and beyond with the design in this area, with candy-stripe parasols providing shade to loungers sitting on a patterned red and white tiled floor.

Movie star interiors

Ilmiodesign studio is the firm behind the creation of the motel’s iconic interiors, which take their cues from American road movies and kitschy love hotels.

Think lots of Mad Men-esque retro ceiling panels, glass hanging pendant lights, diner booth upholstery and curving countertops.

The rooms themselves are named after classic stops along the famous Route 66, and inside each individually designed room, guests will be delighted with the attention to detail.

Neon signs hang over the beds, old school telephones can be used to call reception, fringed lamps add an element of sexy sleaze and a large circular mirror even hangs from the ceiling over the bed.

Marshall speakers and Smeg fridges complete the throwback to Americana, and those looking to party like it’s 1966 can even rent out the private Play Room for small gatherings.

Get ready to get down and dirty, because the Play Room comes fully equipped with its own bar, a stripper’s pole, karaoke, a disco dance floor and leopard print sofas.

(Photos: Romeo’s Ibiza)

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