Catering for the more conscious traveller

by | 15 Jun 2021 | Products

Improve indoor air quality with the DESSO AirMaster Gold carpet collection which helps capture fine dust from the air and is 100% recyclable.

As the hotel industry opens its doors once more to guests, Tarkett explores how to combine function and form when catering for the conscious traveller.

In the hospitality industry, aesthetics is important, but when it comes to attracting guests, it’s not everything. The pandemic has allowed people to reflect, putting our health and that of our planet into sharp focus.

In fact, a recent study by revealed that 62% of global travellers would feel better about staying in accommodation that’s environmentally conscious. As the hotel industry starts to welcome guests back, there’s a clear need to create spaces that offer great experiences, but that are also good for the environment.

We talk a lot about ‘form’ in hospitality design, but to ensure sustainability we must also explore ‘function’. Here we explore some options for combining the two – from the floor up.

Indoor air quality

One such area is indoor air quality, which can be affected by invisible threats including fine dust, moisture and chemicals. Even prior to the pandemic, the global push for clean air was urgent, both from an environmental and a health perspective.

One positive step to control this, is to incorporate flooring that helps improve the indoor air quality and offer great sustainability credentials. For example, Tarkett’s DESSO AirMaster carpet collection helps capture fine dust more effectively than any other floor, and is 100% recyclable in our own carpet recycling centre, making it a great choice both for people and the planet.


Naturally, cleanliness is another top priority in the hospitality sector, and never more so than the last 12 months. Selecting materials that are easy to clean and maintain, such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) [link) flooring, can help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere.

Buying high quality, durable products is another way of reducing waste in the longer term. One great example of this is the Tarkett LVT iD Inspiration 55 range which was recently used in a boutique hotel in the Netherlands providing a stylish, easy to clean and sustainable solution.


When it comes to hotel design, it goes without saying that sound-proofing is key to providing a relaxing guest experience. Incorporating carpet tile flooring with a backing that optimises both sound absorption and sound insulation is a great way to create the perfect ambience to support guest wellbeing.

Hoteliers can find great flooring products that are designed especially for the hospitality sector which combine acoustic properties, with environmental credentials. One such example is Tarkett’s Mode collection, which is their latest stunning design-led flooring solution made using 100% recycled yarn with added sound absorbent functionality. There is also an option to add a 100% recyclable backing.

Future-proofing means bringing function to the fore

So, whether you are looking to refurbish existing spaces, or embarking on a new build, 2021 is likely to see guests looking for the best of both worlds. Instagram-worthy interiors, but with an enduring emphasis on high quality, environmentally sound materials and design.

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  • Improve indoor air quality with the DESSO AirMaster Gold carpet collection which helps capture fine dust from the air and is 100% recyclable.