Candia’s story

by | 13 May 2021 | Products

Passion for perfection lies in the heart of Candia people and in the heart of the products we make. Our craftsmen are passionate and uncompromising when it comes to quality, with vision, dedication and determination to achieve the ultimate result.

This is the place where Candia people develop, learn and work. Passionate and uncompromising when it comes to quality, with vision, dedication and perseverance in their work, determined to achieve the ultimate result. These are Candia’s people.

After all, in the heart of every Candia mattress lies the heart of its maker. Passion for perfection.

This is the place where Candia began in 1973. The vision of its founders was to offer the ultimate quality and sleeping experience. So that every time you lie down and close your eyes, you can reflect, relax, connect with yourself and feel you are back somewhere familiar and warm.

Candia remains loyal to the philosophy of its founders, making mattresses of superior quality and style using natural materials.

In 1985, Candia was the first company in Greece to develop a handmade anatomical mattress, called Bodyfix. Since then, other manufacturing and organisational innovations have followed, such as the autonomous production of our own Bonnel type springs.

Today, we manufacture over 20 different types of upholstered beds, complemented by a brand new line of beds in collaboration with the international designers Sotiris Lazos and Antonella Frezza. Partners that recognise the challenges of today’s market, represent and promote our values in the most effective and creative way!

In the region of Spata in Athens, 120 specialists are employed in our 8,000 sq m plant. Our production capacity exceeds 120,000 mattresses per year and our equipment is some of the most advanced in Greece.

The first lesson nature gives us is one about quality

Nature knows best. That’s why we observe it, we trust it, we learn from it and we take the finest it has to offer us. The purest materials to create mattresses that reach perfection. Because everyone should experience sleep as the ultimate natural experience, regardless of season, fashion, modern lifestyle requirements, sleep always has the same values. Values of purity and authenticity!

Today, Candia produces the most comfortable mattresses of the highest quality in the international market. Made of only natural materials, without any adhesives, and the most springs (more than 19,000 springs in 160cm x 200cm mattresses) following perfectly the natural shape of the body.

With respect, knowledge and experience, Candia specialists use the most natural materials, and with the highest manufacturing techniques and handmade finish, from the first until the last stage of production, we offer the perfect result! For a restful and refreshing sleep on a handmade mattress of superior quality.



Candia is a family-run, second-generation, Greek company, and for about half a century has delivered exceptional sleeping experiences around the globe by producing beds, mattresses and bedding goods.