BL1-LED: Light close enough to touch!

by | 11 Jan 2021 | Suppliers

BL1-LED: Light close enough to touch!

Broaden your horizons: light for hotels.

Hera is showing a marketing concept that is customised to the wishes and needs of the hotel industry. With the Hera hotel range, design concepts can be realised in every detail. The concepts can be realised for example for guest rooms in hotels.

BL1-LED: Light close enough to touch!

Hera developed the new bedside reading luminaire series BL1-LED in a timeless design, as a useful addition to the range for the Hera hotel concept.

Perhaps the most important luminaire in the hotel room and essential in the evening and night at the latest! Light close enough to touch at the bedside.

The BL1-LED series is characterised by a timeless design, easy handling and optimal reading comfort. With CRI> 90 and a luminous flux of 100 lm/W, BL1-LED offers real reading comfort.

A transformer is not required for this luminaire series, as the item can be connected directly to 230V. The series is designed for recessed and mounting installations, the head of the luminaire can be rotated by 350° and swivelled by 90°. BL1-LED is available in black and stainless steel look and the colour appearance 3000K (warm white).

The long lifetime of an average of 40,000 hours (L70/B10) also guarantees the best efficiency and absolutely maintenance-free operation over the entire service life.



As a family company in its third generation, Hera develops, produces and sells LED lighting for the furniture industry as well as for shopfitting and exhibition-stand construction.

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