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Bells, whistles & robots: Guestline showcases futuristic hotel room prototype

by | Sep 30, 2019 | News

A peek into the future of hotel rooms. (Photo: Guestline)

Interactive guest room offers a glimpse into the future of hotels.

Hospitality tech firm Guestline has teamed up with AI and interior designers in the UK to produce a hotel room prototype which may be the future of guest accommodation.

We take a look inside this futuristic guest room.

Guestline shows us the future

Photo: Guestline

The future is here. Or rather, it’s almost here. Guestline, a hospitality technology specialist, predicts it will fully arrive in 2034 with the implementation of the new guestroom prototype they have imagined in collaboration with several tech and design firms.

This room looks like something out of a sci-fi film but is still within the realm of reality. It has all the trappings you would expect in a hotel room – bed, window, bathroom – but all executed in a streamlined fashion, with a heavy focus on automation, personalized controls and interactivity.

The team has used their expertise across the hospitality, technology and design sectors to predict how the hotel room will evolve and have come up with a cutting-edge interpretation in response.


Bells, whistles and robots

Photo: Guestline

The renders of the guest room are sleek and stripped back, but there are plenty of gadgets and goodies to get sucked into as a potential guest.

For example, the hotel room is full of floor to ceiling glass walls which can be turned opaque at the touch of a button or through voice control, or in some cases even be modified to create a sunset, beach or jungle scene, depending on the guest’s preference.

A glass screen descends from above the bed, allowing guests to watch TV, go online or listen to music. Guests will also receive a personalised greeting upon entering their room, which will display all their information, allow them to check-in digitally and download a key through a mobile app.

Temperature, lighting and privacy will be controlled by the guest via an app, tablet or voice control, and i-robots will deliver room service. The experts feel that AI is the future of hospitality, and they have designed this prototype room accordingly.



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