Avvio’s booking platform will help expand your hotel’s direct business

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Suppliers

In the competitive world of hospitality, targeting the right client is more important than ever. More and more hotels are relying on direct booking to match the desired customer with their service, and Irish company Avvio is a platform that partners with hotels to expand their direct business, cutting out the middleman so hotels don’t have to rely so heavily on online travel agents. Avvio’s platform provides an integrated service which includes a booking engine, channel manager, content management system, and integrations to all key third-party technologies so that guests can connect directly with their desired hotel.

The secret to Avvio’s success is its focus on conversion optimization, meaning that visitors to the booking site will ideally be turned into genuine guests, creating a physical leap from the internet into your hotel. Avvio is one of the leaders in its field because of this ability, afforded by groundbreaking, state of the art technology that allows users to customize their website booking tools so that the functionality and usability is as efficient as possible.

The Convert Booking Engine is one of the key features of Avvio’s offering. Customizable to reflect your own personal brand identity, the engine allows start to finish booking with fewer steps and a clean look and feel, meaning guests are already more likely to stay on your site and result in a conversion. The Channel Manager’s integrate system allows easy management across all your distribution channels, updating rates and availability with just one click. Analytics and insights are also provided by Avvio’s purpose-built reports, allowing you to track the progress and conversions so you know the platform is performing for you. Avvio works with over 350 hotels across the UK, Ireland and North America, meaning that you are working with a tried and trusted system that has experience with a wide range of international hotels.


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From the outset, Avvio has consistently delivered impressive results and is now proud to support a client base of over 350 hotels and serviced apartments across the UK, Ireland and North America.

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