Avvio works with #1 Rated Luxury Hotel in Ireland – The Killarney Park Hotel

by | May 11, 2018 | Suppliers

Leading hotel technology provider Avvio continued its winning streak after being presented an award for its innovative booking engineAllora at a prestigious European event. Five star rated, multi-award winning Killarney Park Hotel, part of the Treacy family-run hotel group based in Ireland, has been working with Avvio for over ten years.

The range of services provided by the Avvio team to TripAdvisor’s number-one rated luxury hotel in Ireland, has evolved from providing a basic website and booking tools at the outset of the decade-long business relationship, to enhanced booking platform support and dynamic marketing features. From website translation and currency options added to meet the needs of the hotel’s international guest base to close collaboration between Avvio and the hotel’s marketing team to provide upselling opportunities, the business has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years.

As digital marketing executive at The Killarney Park Hotel, John Downes, explains:

“For us, working with Avvio is all about increasing our overall commercial goals towards booking value and volume.”

“Knowing and anticipating our guests’ needs is vital to our success and it’s why people return to us again and again. This means our communication with them must be intuitive, relevant and above all, seen as added-value by every guest.“ Avvio provides us with the tools and capability to plan marketing campaigns to secure more bookings. They have designed and developed a highly intuitive website for us which we are directly in control of so we can update and add customer features as and when we need to.

“The software enables us to personalise communication with guests in advance of their stay. We make targeted dining and local attraction recommendations and facilitate reservations based on their interactions with us and preferences to make sure every guest has a memorable experience.”

“We pride ourselves on a high level of direct bookings and we only achieve this because our online presence is efficient and visible.”

Further proof of the impact of the partnership with Avvio has come as in the form of a test the business ran in January this year to assess the impact of personalised communications.

As John explains: “We ran two campaigns through our system – one without any personalised content which showed a modest 14% uplift in bookings and a highly focused content version aimed at individuals which produced an impressive 60% increase. The results of working with Avvio and the capability of their platform speak for themselves.” Commenting on the partnership with The Killarney Park Hotel team, Ricky Ryan, e-commerce manager at Avvio said: “We’re proud of our close working relationship with the Killarney Park team – they really do epitomise what hospitality is all about. They are dedicated to the business and really understand how technology supports guest engagement.”


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Avvio is the premium booking platform and digital agency for hotels and serviced apartment providers. Founded in 2002, Avvio is always innovating and has grown year-on-year by developing cutting-edge technologies that enable accommodation providers to drive outstanding growth in direct bookings, while reducing their dependence on online travel agency channels.


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From the outset, Avvio has consistently delivered impressive results and is now proud to support a client base of over 350 hotels and serviced apartments across the UK, Ireland and North America.

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