ANdAZ hotel, Delhi – Aerocity

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Chains

ANdAZ Hotel Delhi is the latest in the brand from Hyatt hotelsANdAZ seeks to inspire eclectic travellers and connect them with their destination.

Lighting design throughout is by Elektra Lighting. Building on their 15-year relationship with Hyatt, Elektra married this eclectic approach with the formal demands of a 5* luxury hotel. This trust has been amply repaid and the hotel has a unique character.

Lighting is deliberately lower than similar hotels by brand standards. There are large unlit sections which act as “firebreaks” between areas, creating a sense of hidden secrets.

All is not immediately revealed, and the hotel is shaded in mystery. As you move through the space, each area unfolds before you. Lighting is constrained to features only – columns, artwork, library walls, and glass bottles – and this evokes a sense of discovery one has when exploring the space. And make no mistake, this is a hotel you explore, not just sleep in.

What was dark is revealed as a bar, with jewels hanging down through the ceiling void. What was a gilded cage is revealed as a staircase to the upper levels, with more lounge areas and meeting facilities.

Even lift lobbies are treated with care and attention to make them a unique space. The space changes over the day, and appears different from different angles, as key elements are exposed or hidden by the light.

Many spaces are relaxing, intimate and residential. For example, meeting rooms are large collections of informal sofa style seating with coffee tables, not confrontational boardrooms intended to reinforce the toxic masculinity of the elder businessman.

Every item of artwork is unique and individual by famous local artists. ANdAZ seeks to inspire and refresh.

Lighting is the key driver in all of this. The floor and walls are undifferentiated white, a blank canvas on which we scrawled an identity over the hotel. We created a journey of exploration and a sense of wonder.




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