Aman launches soulful sister brand Janu

by | 24 Mar 2020 | Portfolio

Janu will offer stunning hotels for guests to recharge and reconnect. (Photo: Courtesy of Aman Resorts)

Aman’s new brand Janu focuses on social wellness and connectedness with three new international properties.

Luxury hotel group Aman has announced the launch of its sister brand, Janu. While Aman is geared towards inner peace, Janu is aligning itself with the soul.

We find out more about this energetic new brand.

Yin and yang at Janu

Aman has built its reputation on delivering world-class hotels and resorts in some of the most coveted destinations on the planet.

Stylish and serene, these luxury properties are designed to bring their guests peace and tranquillity, as the brand name which comes from the Sanskrit for peace may suggest.

Aman recently announced the creation of a sister brand, Janu, whose name means “soul” in Sanskrit, and although the brands share the same DNA, their mission is quite different.

Janu focuses on the duality of life: Night and day. Work and play. Yin and yang, as their website proclaims.

Aman’s Chairman and CEO Vladislav Doronin spoke of the launch, saying, “The overlap between Aman and its sibling is mutually beneficial; together they offer a total solution for the fluctuating needs and desires of today’s global travel cognoscenti.”

“We saw a white space in the market, and we want to push the hotel industry into a new sphere. What with today’s modern fast-paced society, which has seen human connection and communication redefined by the digital world, we wanted to create a new hotel brand with a soul and with the aim of kick-starting human interaction again,” he elaborated.

Balance of head and heart

Janu offers guests an energetic hospitality experience and is aiming to appeal to those looking for an enhanced human connection from their holiday.

It is founded on the core pillars of alignment, equilibrium, wholeness and wellness, and on the belief that the best things in life are those that balance the body and spirit, the head and the heart.

Janu aims to “to deliver full and profound relaxation and restore lasting equilibrium to the soul” to guests through its innovative offering, and with this in mind, the brand has three exciting properties in the pipeline. Already under construction are hotels in Montenegro, Saudi Arabia and Tokyo, all of which are set to welcome guests in 2022.


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