“ALESSINI” design Alessandro Mendini con Alex Mocika e Giovanna Molteni, 2018

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“To be honest, the idea of asking Alessandro Mendini to design a table set for children was based on a logic of opposites: as well as being a much loved and inimitable mentor to me, Sandro is also the oldest of Alessi’s working designers so I thought it would be a pleasant change for him to take on a theme for the very young. I saw it like a story of black holes and time travel. Let’s see how the kids take it.”

Alberto Alessi

Designed by Alessandro Mendini, “Alessini” is a table set for children, made to transform meal times into moments of pleasure and fun. Shapes, decorations – such as the “Proust” one – and colours are inspired by the happy world of the very young, without forgetting functionality and style. The set is intended to help young children discover the use of tableware and to appreciate a beautiful table setting. The table set includes plate, bowl, cup, and table cutlery, and is completed with a round tray.

All the items have been conceived to be pleasing to the touch and functional at the same time:
– The plate has a slightly raised rim;
– The generous bowl is ideal for containing
different types of food, including pasta and soup, milk or yogurt;
– The cup has two handles to make it easier to use for children whose movements are not yet steady. The handles are not perfectly parallel with the body of the cup but slightly angled in opposite directions, creating a dynamic and playful sense of movement.
– Cutlery’s handle is designed to be gripped easily by young children and to be pleasant to hold. The blade of the knife and the prongs of the fork are rounded to allow them to be used with confidence and in complete safety;
– The round tray can be used for serving breakfast or snacks or as a placemat for meals.

Alessini – Proust
Children tableware in decorated in fine bone china, composed of: plate, bowl, tumbler.

Alessini – Con-centrici
Children tableware in decorated in fine bone china, composed of: plate, bowl, tumbler.

Alessini – Con-centrici
Tray in decorated melamine.
Ø cm 35

Children cutlery set in 18/10 stainless steel composed of: spoon, fork, knife.
cm 14

Alessini – Proust
Tray in decorated melamine.
Ø cm 35


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Alessi, a leading company in the design of housewares, makes its products available to the HORECA – hotels, restaurants and catering – and Contract sectors.

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