Alessi presents: Brigata line by Valerio Sommella

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Suppliers

Alessi presents the Brigata line. Six kitchen utensils characterised by soft, stylish lines: designed by Valerio Somella.

Valerio Somella: “The design project of this family is first and foremost the design of a handle. A handle that right from the outset was intended to be a distinguishing feature with excellent functionality. The starting point was the handles used for professional pots: to be precise, the tubular variety that are pressed at the ends and bent, then welded or riveted. Starting from there, we fine-tuned the design to create a handle that is manageable and well-balanced, so that it maintains the original concept but forgoes brutalist construction in favour of a formal elegance that is apparent in the tapered, curved ends, soldered to the various ‘heads’ that determine the utensil’s function.”

“Brigata” is a series of utensils that combine practicality with original, sophisticated design. The series comprises a Skimmer, a Kitchen fork, a Spatula, a Ladle, a Sauce spoon and a Kitchen spoon. Made in 18/10 stainless steel, the hollow handle makes them lightweight and manageable. The end of the handle is hooked, allowing the utensil to be hung on a utensil bar, so that it is always conveniently to hand while cooking. Thanks to the slightly rounded shape, the handle is comfortable and pleasing to hold. Accessories that are indispensable, but also so attractive that they can be left proudly on display in the kitchen.


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Alessi, a leading company in the design of housewares, makes its products available to the HORECA – hotels, restaurants and catering – and Contract sectors.

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