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Alessi, almost a century spent between Art, Poetry and Technique, celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Suppliers

Thanks to the great quality of the prominent figures who taught and studied there; for its attempt to develop a “pure and hard” design practice based on the principle of “Art and Technique: a new unity”, precisely in the period when the problem of technical reproducibility of works of art was being founded; due to the constant difficulties opposed, the Bauhaus, in just 14 years of activity, became one of the legendary origins of the Modern Movement in design and architecture. –  Alberto Alessi

On the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, Alessi recalls the profound historical, artistic and cultural value of the school founded by Walter Gropius with a few projects produced for the Officina catalogue since the late 80s under licence from the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin.

Proposed with a celebrative packaging, the “90010”, “90046”, “90047” ash-trays of Marianne Brandt and the sugar and cream set “90042” of Marianne Brandt and Helmut Schulze have been chosen as a way to represent the activity of one of the Research Laboratories in the field of Applied Arts in whom Alessi most closely identifies.

A choice to “recall the tense climate of design surrounding their creation; and why they seemed particularly coherent to us, not only with the technology, but also with the spirit of our own time” says Alberto Alessi.
From Weimar’s workshops to Alessi’s production departments in Crusinallo, a great history is at the heart of those little object, as statement of the importance of creativity at the base of genuine design.

At that time I believed that an object should be as functional as possible, and aesthetically pleasing in relation to the material of which it was made. Later, I came round to the idea that the artist’s personality was a determining factor. My mistake was probably due to the fact that we were living within a community of quite unique personalities, taking from granted the high quality of their work and production. – Marianne Brandt

Brief an die junge Generation” from: Eckhard Neumann, “Bauhaus und Bauhausier”, Bern, Hallwag AG, 1972

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