4Spaces fabric one of the winners Trevira CS competition at Heimtextil 2018

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Suppliers

This year, the Trevira CS fabric competition at Heimtextil 2018 focussed totally on the subject of “colour“. Fabric makers were invited by Trevira to submit qualities that displayed colour fields ranging from white, through grey, ice-blue to lemon yellow – colours that in combination now set the pace in fashion and lifestyle, and can be seen in the Trevira stand concept. The presentation of the fabrics will form the central place on the Trevira booth in Hall 4.2. The display of the fabrics at our booth is particularly interesting in that Messe Frankfurt is presenting the “Expo”, an exhibit that appeals to architects and decision-makers in the contract sector.

From the numerous entries from fabric suppliers for the Fabric Creativity Competition, 16 winning fabrics were selected by a specialist jury. The evaluation was based on the following criteria: degree of innovation, technical execution and trend awareness. One of the winning fabrics was Santo Stefano, Col. 04 from 4Spaces Textiles.

4Spaces Textiles: Santo Stefano, Col. 04

“Couture at the window“ was the spontaneous expression of the jury. The Santo Stefano article from 4Spaces is a Jacquard knitted fabric that borrows from apparel and has a knitted lace effect. The traditional pattern standing for the romantic and theatrical is set against a metallic gloss and a cool, technical look: a fresh and modern interpretation. With its heavy drape, the material has an impact of high value and luxury. Here the transformation of the lace results in a fabric that makes a statement, particularly exciting for the use in a modern context.


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4Spaces specializes in developing unique bespoke textiles to the specification of architects and clients to match their exact needs and budgets.

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