4 Hot Furniture Options for Hotel Suppliers

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Suppliers

As brands all throughout the global hospitality industry continue to work harder and harder to create unique hotels that attract a new generation of guests that crave individual and organic experiences, hotel furniture designers have unleashed a new wave of innovation and creativity for suppliers to pick from.

In other words, the shackles of tradition have been shed, and designers are trying to outdo each other creatively to craft pieces that will look at home in highly specialized and one of a kind hotels. Anyone who follows the furniture options available to international luxury hotels has surely seen this shift as the pieces and ranges available have become brighter and less conventional.

It can actually be a bit difficult to keep up with all of this innovation. To help owners and operators stay abreast of all the options that are out there, we’d like to present three of the hottest options for hotel suppliers to pick from for the spring season, any one of which would lend a truly striking and special to either a guest room or a hotel lobby space.

This list includes:

Miena by Kaldewei

The angular MIENA by Kaldewei bowls are just as filigree but with a far more masculine look. Comparatively small radii, the only partially rounded contours and the square waste cover accentuate this effect – and extend the spectrum of the bowl family in the most elegant way.

Kyro by Jetclass

This Kyro by Jetclass option is a distinctive seating solution, one that manages to combine rich fabrics with a contemporary approach to the shape and silhouette of the piece. This choice is also available to hotels in a wide range of both fabrics and textures. The Kyro by Jetclass marries a cosmopolitan aesthetic with a patterns that one could call both traditional and modern. It really is a seamless combination that gives this choice a special look. Through custom finishes, motifs and colors, the bench piece is able to blend and interact with a very wide range of hotel environments, adapting as it does to a wide and unprecedented variety of design schemes and set ups.

The Sol + Luna by Extremis

As part of an effort to provide guests with a truly outdoor and versatile piece of furniture for lounging, Extremis has created Sol + Luna, an original and innovative sun lounger that becomes a comfortable sofa by night. This selection offers two pieces of furniture in one, thus the name, Sol + Luna. It also features a shelf that can double as a backrest, plus a compact adjustable shade that provides users with a source of light when it’s plugged in.

In the global hospitality industry, outdoor spaces, in particular rooftops, are becoming increasingly sought after. Extremis’ newest piece allows suppliers, designers and operators to use outdoor areas at any time of day or night, without so much as sacrificing what is often limited space.

Focus by Woven Image

Woven Image has launched two new fabric designs that global hospitality industry operators should know about for their hotels, titled Focus and Focus HP, and now available in a palette of 22 different colors that range from subtle functional marle to trendy blossom pinks. This material has been specially crafted to excel in all variety of different varieties and schemes, providing a luxurious texture that doesn’t sacrifice durability or fire resistance.


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