2022 International Chefs Day

Here at livecookintable®, we dedicate October to these individuals and, certainly, our biggest supporters: Chefs!

2022 International Chefs Day

by | 03 Oct 2022 | Products

Here at livecookintable®, we dedicate October to these individuals and, certainly, our biggest supporters: Chefs!

International Chefs Day is a day to celebrate culinary knowledge and to emphasize the importance of their skills, knowledge, and contribution to the hospitality industry. It is a day for chefs to pass on their knowledge and skills to the next generation of chefs. Here at livecookintable®, we dedicate October to these individuals and, certainly, our biggest supporters: Chefs!

Over 10 years ago, our all-in-one modular F&B concept was developed by a chef for chefs. Our design methodology has and always will be, around the operational needs of a chef. It’s safe to say, livecookintable® and chefs speak the same language.

A few words from some of the best in the business…

“Greatest impression though was that while livecookintable® is ticking all the boxes the product is not sacrificing on the actual functionality of cooking. When I was given the chance to relocate to open The Ritz-Carlton Nanjing, livecookintable® was my first choice given the above experiences. Personally, and professionally I would recommend this system to fellow colleagues and co-workers”.

Sven Wunram, Executive Chef – The Ritz-Carlton Nanjing, China

“As a Culinary leader overlooking multiple restaurants and bars and an enormous banquet operation in a luxury hotel environment, we tried a couple of leading brands for our action stations/buffet set up. I must say that livecookintable® have been a delight to work with. They are made keeping in mind the challenges we face as operators, whether it be assembling them or storing them away after use. The most unique things we learned were the clean and simple designs, functionality and maintenance aspect. Thoughtful elegant designs yet functional, versatile, and discreet is what comes to my mind when I chose livecookintable®”.

Satish Yerramilli, Executive Chef – The Ritz-Carlton Company

“For Chef the trends are high quality, yet flexible and personalized offerings, and why he loves and only works with the livecookintable® equipment. The words Chef often uses to describe livecookintable® are “quality and flexibility”.

Daniel Richter, Chef & Owner Genussmanufaktur Catering Donaueschingen, Germany

  “It is our top equipment as it’s so easy to swap from one setting to another. We used it during the Airshow events creating a fish buffet: We used the Hot + Chill unit to serve oysters, the induction unit to cook scallops in front of the guests and we used the buffet module to serve sushi. This is something we would never have been able to do in the past. This means that we can use the same livecookintable® equipment throughout the day for the various services.

livecookintable® gives us great flexibility in our operations and allows us a great turnaround between the end of the breakfast service to the start of the lunch service”.

Fabrizio Braga, Director of Food and Beverage – Aviator Farnborough, Hampshire

“The whole team from livecookintable® was extremely helpful in selecting the equipment, color pattern, design, and modules. Just the fact that we were able to see how the products will look in our club space before we even signed the contract, was extremely helpful. Your team guided us through our list and needs. It felt like a partnership vs. a transaction. Going into it, for the most part, we knew what we wanted, and with the livecookintable® team’s help, we were able to build a banquet display that no one in the area has. It has given us an edge over our competitors in the region”.

Mohammad Azhar, Corporate Executive Chef with PGA Tour and TPC Golf properties

So here are to all the wonderful and hard-working chefs around the world. To you, we say ‘thank you’

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